Sunday, March 25, 2012

Woodward weekend in pictures

We have had an awesome weekend! Love, love seeing Jaxxi play with her cousins!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beautiful Mess!

Jaxxi turned one and hello independce! She wears me out! If it's something to get into She's right there!

This her new trick when I'm loading the dishwasher!

This was what she did in about 5 minutes while I was switching out the 9 month clothes and hanging up birthday clothes... Yes a month later! lol

While in her room we discovered that she is TERRIFIED of this! It was hilarious. She was clung to me like a spider monkey! I had to stick it in between the blankets so it wouldn't move!

I don't think it's possible to love her anymore! I'm having a lot of fun at this stage!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daddy's week home!

The weeks that daddy is home is never long enough. So we try and have as much fun and spend time together as family as we can! Jaxxi is without a doubt 100% a daddy's girl! And without a doubt Shane LOVES it! We started the week as family of four, we were fostering a precious newborn. Her grandmother got approved so she went to be with her family. It was sad to see her go but that's where she needed to be. Let me tell you for me going to two kids was a challenge! I'm thinking maybe if Jaxxi was walking it would a smidge easier just b/c I would be able to put her down to open doors and things of that nature. I had to really plan out how I was going to get stuff accomplished! Ha! So we are back to just being a family of three! I think Jaxxi was happy to have us back all to herself. :)

Here is Missy pants in her cowgirl gear! This spring she will be in the round up club so we had to get her the proper attire!

Aunt Kassie got us tickets to the Shriner circus so we all got to go and it was blast! You love riding horses!

One of the not so fun things of our time with dada was you had to have surgery to get tubes put in your ears :( This is before you went back to surgery in your cute little gown.

Tube surgery is so different then it was when I was a kid. From the time they took in for surgery till the time we left was like 20 minutes! They don't have to put them completely out anymore, they just use gas. So no IV or breathing tube! I was so relieved when I heard that. I kept thinking she has no idea what's about to happen made me sick to my stomach!
Dada and you watching little Einstein's waiting for the Doctor. So cute!

This is the Easter dress I found this year! In my head I was picturing something more puffy... But it just wasn't out there. This dress is really adorable though. Once your in it, it will be over the top cute! :)

Daddy was doing some dirt work and we went out to see his progress and well you had to go on a ride! When we took you off you started screaming b/c you wanted back on! I see many tractor rides in your future!

Now that you are almost 13 months old you have started to look like a big girl! you are trying to climb up on everything! Makes me a nervous wreck! You have developed quite the independent streak. You are not wanting to go to sleep at ALL. There has been many tears the last week. I'm hoping to see you go back to my sweet easy baby! If not I'll still love you. :) We are ready for spring break and some time with our Woodward cousins!!