Saturday, March 19, 2011

Houston, we have a porch! :)

For Christmas this year from Brett and Brenda we decided to use Christmas money plus the money from our housewarming party to get a porch for our new house! They started it at thanksgiving and with the cold and crazy scheduled didn't get to work on it till this weekend... I really love it! Having a covered porch will b so nice !

Progress yesterday!

Earlier today!

Almost finished!

Just a different angle. We still have to get the hanging down rail things don't know there proper name. :) and the hand rail for the other side. Grandma Pendergrass will b happy :)

Huck has ran around like mad man today I think at one point he was even on the roof! He's all tuckered out and tired of doing this! :)

Thanks Brett and Brenda for the present and the labor! :) I'm blessed in the in-law department!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zoo trip in pics!

We decided to go to the OKC zoo on a record setting attendance day! There were people Everywhere!!!! We had fun just wore smooth out!!!!'


Friday, March 4, 2011

Weight loss month 2!

I'm not so thrilled with my weight loss this month I have lost 16 lbs total so an average of 2 lbs a week even though I lost most of that in the beginning.

But now for the highs this Month! I got back in last years jeans and know I look better in them then I did last year! This is the really big victory dance moment... I went to get remeasured for my bridesmaid dress, I had went sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas and was measured for a size 22w dress... This time I was measured for a 16w dress!!!! I couldn't believe it! I did a little dance right inside that bridal shop :)

I had lost 4 inches around my hips! I have lost 13 total inches in two months! So even though I didn't lose very much in terms of numbers I feel like the 16 lbs I have lost finally vanished from body! So yay!

These pics are from January 6, Feb. And March

I told Shane it's like my belly is going upwards and he said that's called shrinking :) well whatever it is I like it!!!

I'm still doing the lose it app, tae Bo, shred it with weights, but I have recently started couch 2 5k app since the weather has been nice if all goes well may run the 5k in Woodward this June!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Branson, Bree and Jaxx birthdays!

On Friday we got up way early and hit the road at 5:05 :) we were all excited it had been since San Antonio that we all got to go somewhere fun together and Bree was one!

These were these are the balloons we got Jaxx for his grave stone but the wind was terrible so we just took a picture :)

Bree was the birthday girl for the day! This is her at breakfast!

Me and Tish sporting Rabbit top hats :)

Birthday girl hat!

Me and Tish playing DDR at Fun Spot in Branson!

These are the flowers that Shane got me for Jaxx birthday! He's so sweet!

This was our late night binge after playing in the pool for an hour!

Bree and her birthday cake ice cream!

Bree loving on her Nane!

Me and Shane at the Branson Landing!

The water show at Branson!

Me and Shane went to the Pierce Arrow show. It was really good. Very fun comedian!

On Sunday on the treck home decided to go the precious moments chapel Shane had never been and it's been forever since I have.

These are so cute!

The door into the chapel.

Hallelujah square. Can't wait to b reunited one day!

This was to show jesus has risen from the tomb!

We had a great trip. My heart was hurting all day on Saturday but to laugh with family is some of the best medicine! I love and Miss jaxx with all my heart happy 2nd heavenly birthday!!