Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doctor's update

Well I just returned home from my doctors appt. It went well I knew we wouldn't find out anything new but at least I have a doctor here now. I go back on March 9th for an ultra sound here. To see if the placenta is doing any moving. The doctor also was concerned that my two ultra sound reports are both saying very different things about the position of my placenta. As many of you know you placenta doesn't just float around! So my new doctor her name is Doctor Gray wants to get a look for herself. She doing the same ultra sound that they normally do at 20 weeks over again b/c she wants to get a good look at everything. I think I would cry if they told me we were having a girl :) considering the nursery is pretty much done. She might would just have to like cars. Well I hope all is well with everyone. I'm going to take my normal laying down position :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feeling better!

It's been a while so I will update everyone on my exciting life! Sunday about three I decided to call Doc Evans because I was having some pretty bad cramps. He told me I need to be keeping track and if I had four in an hour to go to the hospital. Well they were coming about every ten minutes. So we headed to the hospital where they done nothing. I laid in bed all day yesterday and they stopped. I have felt really good today though. No cramps, hooray. Tomorrow I have an appt. with a doc here in Tulsa so if I have to go back to the hospital I will have someone to call who has all my medical records and knows my case. I have a couple of specific prayer request. One that my Placenta will move up by March 13th I desperately want to go home. Two that Shane will start sleeping good and regain his appetite. He's having a pretty hard time being away from me and baby Jax. Me going back to the hospital on Sunday didn't help anything. At least he was here though. Third that I will continue to have a good attitude it's not good to have a bunch of stress but laying around all day at a place that is not my home can really get to a person. I know that this child is a blessing and a gift from God and I keep reminding myself of this every time I just want to throw a pop can at someone :). Thanks for the prayers I know I have awesome prayers warriors praying for me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

More presents to cheer me up

Well people just continue to send well wishes and people who are close keep coming by to visit me. Since I can't visit them :). Remember I learned my lesson about car rides. See I'm a quick learner.

These are some homemade brownies my Aunt Karen made me. She knows I love brownies and these hit the spot!

Sue Land she is the youth pastors wife from Glenpool First brought me the cute daisy's. I enjoy the visits and it makes time go by faster. I'm so thankful for great people God's put in my life.

The not so exciting side of our Valentines weekend.

Well we got to the city about 2:00 on Saturday. Registered at Target then met some friends from Paden for lunch at Texas Road House. Then we went to Babies R Us for some more registering. The gun was no longer fun for Shane He was just ready to be done with the Wal-Mart size baby store his exact words. So we head to check-in to our hotel and our first room was clean except the bathroom. So back down stairs to get a new room. Then we were suppose to change and go do some more stuff. but the bed was comfortable it was hard to get motivated. So we mostly just hung out in our room. We did get to Chilli's for dinner. Ran to Kohl's then the plan was just to change clothes and go to a movie. Well I fell asleep. So Shane wanted me to tell everyone that we are old fuddy duds who chose to go to sleep rather then go out to a movie!!!!

This is my Pandora bracelet. Shane got me three new charms for it for V-day The wedding Cake, a pretty pink flower bead, and a J for Jaxxon.
This is us after Chilli's
We took this pic to show what we did instead of be the young people we are and go out!

All of the next ones are just Shanes Famous Face pics. They got such rave reviews last time I decided to show them off again.

ignore me in all these pics I was just to close to the picture taker!!
This one is my favorite!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day two...

Well Day two went better. My mom came and set with me and we got caught up b/c I haven't really seen her since Christmas. We are both in trouble though b/c I talked her into taking me to Long John Silvers to eat. Pregnant craving. My sister hung up on us, Shane yelled at us, and Brenda called to get on to me, and Brett got on to me through Twitter. I guess I learned my lesson. Tomorrow my Dad has a list of stuff I can do from the chair so I'm going to get busy on those task. I'll be alone for the bulk of the day so I'm glad for something to do.

These are the flowers my Mom got me to cheer me up. I called her bawling on Monday night b/c I didn't want to go!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day one!!!

Well we made it to Tulsa. I had a few breakdowns today but I know I had to go. It's funny that I thought I have wanted to move back here for two years and when I'm told I have to live here I have done nothing but cry :). I just thought It would be with my husband. I hope I get to see some family it's difficult to see when we come just for a weekend trip. I made Shane take picture of the nursery before we left this morning. A big thanks to Brett and Brenda for finishing this for us as a surprise we were suppose to come home to on Sunday. We weren't sure of the colors but I think it turned out beautiful and Jaxxon will have a great nursery to come home to. It's not completely done of course but I think it's off to a great start.

This is the crib and the picture I have to eventually get on the wall.

This is some of the loot we got for him on our trip to City, do you see his cute little flippy flops!! his daddy got those for him.

This is his swim suit to match his shoes. I realize he won't get to wear it in actual pool but he will sure be cute in pictures in it. The little puppy is what Bree got him when we found out he was a boy!

Just another view of the nursery.

This is me 19w6d pregnant.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I made it home today, only to leave tomorrow! I have to live in Tulsa for at least the next four weeks! It's been an emotional day for both me and Shane. I really don't want to leave my husband, my house, Bree, and Jarret,Tisha,Brenda,Brett they all such a big part of my life I don't want to leave them. I know that it's what's best for my baby so I will. Doc Evans said that the next thirty days are the most critical. I have to be within 15min of a good Hospital so my choices were OKC or Tulsa. Since I have free room and board Tulsa won. I'm really sore today and have to be on total bed rest. Which is proving to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. It's amazing how God worked out every detail even to giving me the best nurse in Oklahoma! I'm not a very good patient. Your prayers are so appreciated and have been felt. I wish you all could see how God worked out every thing and watch his goodness in action. We are blessed beyond belief I'm a little stressed how this will work seeing as I had no notice to this happening but I know God will provide and continue to do so. Thanks to everyone who got on their Knees on our behalf we have cried many tears just knowing how loved we are by the body of Christ and know what an incredible blessing being apart of the family of God really is.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Bad Valentines Weekend!

For all that know or might not know. Me and Ashley have been in the integris baptist hospital since about 12 pm. We had to rush over here after we left motherhood in the mall getting Ashley some clothes to wear. We got to the entrance of the store on our way out and Ashley mentioned to me that she thought she had peed on herself which was a little odd seeing that she had went to the bathroom just five min. before. We rushed to the car to let her change in the parking lot, which was my idea but come to find out it was not pee but blood. In panic since we are in the city and not tulsa i started to try and find an emergency room. I called my dad and asked where one would be and he tried to tell me but i had forgotten my directions. Finally we found this place. After several tests we found out that she has what they call Partial Placental Previa which means that her placenta is half way covering up her cervex. Everything should be ok except she has to be on 95% bed rest. Any who thanks for all the prayers and people that came to visit us, i really appreciate it and even though Ashey is drugged and snoozing she does too. Sorry if this is hard to understand, ive never done this blogger thing before. I told her I would figure it out right before she went off into space. Dont worry, baby Jaxxons heart is still beating and he is very lively. As Bree says, he is swimming in his pool with grass in it LOL.

Friday, February 13, 2009

At last my love as come along....

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. Me and my honey are heading to OKC for a fun filled couple of days just the two of us! We tried this last year by going to Red River, NM and both ended up with the flu! So I'm hoping this Valentines Day goes a little smoother. We are just planning on doing some baby registry stuff. I'm mostly just excited for a king size bed and a nice hot bath! Also as I type my wonderful Mother-in-law and Shane are painting baby Jaxxon's nursery I'll get pics up as soon as I can take some. I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine Day! This post is just a bunch of randomness, but this is also a three day weekend whoo hoooo!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


As you all know I'm the Youth services librarian at the Public Library well I thought I would just plug my own program on here. I will be starting story time March 3rd its for Kids 3-5 and enrollment will begin on Feb. 17th. The storytimes will be on Tues or Thursday, morning or afternoon. Also since March 2nd is Dr. Seuss birthday we will be having a "cat in the hat photo contest" if any of you have a cat and would like to try and win some goodies can take a picture of your cat with a hat on. The contest runs Feb. 6th -Feb. 27th and you can vote on your favorite March 2nd - 5th. If you have any questions you can call me at the library @ 580-254-8544.

Tisha's comment reminded me to put the times
Tuesday Morning 10:30-11:15
Tuesday Afternoon 1:00-1:45
Thursday Morning 10:30-11:15
Thursday Afternoon 1:00-1:45

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dependency Issues

Ok so on Tuesday of this week a lady from the bank called and said that we had been effected by the skum bag who stole a bunch of credit card numbers and information from a credit card distributing plant. Ne way to continue with my story I have been without my precious check card since then. I never carry cash just my little blue card. I have no Idea why my bank like other local establishments didn't send us new cards and then cancel our old ones who know. Ne way I went to check my mail and there was still no card!!!!!

I'm kinda am freakin out b/c what am I supposed to do. I know I can get cash but what if I don't pull out enough and me and Shane are starving by Sunday afternoon. :) I know I'm a bit of a drama queen but still. I need that wonderful piece of technology to feel safe at night! How am I suppose to support my Internet shopping habit and Old navy is have a free shipping sale on baby clothes, but can I partake in this NOOOOOOO! Also the Tupperware lady thinks I gave her a bogus card b/c she waited 5 weeks to run it through right after they closed my account so she has to wait on a new credit card number. Also I have to call the people I have set up auto draft with and set it up with my new card. So that's me ranting on a Friday about my dependency Issue with my check card. Hope all of you have better weekend then I'm already having.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jaxxon's first photo shoot!

As my co-worker Cindy said only a mother could be proud of these picture, b/c you can't really see anything in them but never the less I wanted to share them with the blogging world.
This is Jaxxon showing off that indeed he is a boy the arrow is pointing at the important part. :)

This is his tiny profile the next picture is better. His head is to the right and his rear is on the left.

I think this is only better b/c of the coloring

and his precious tiny foot! she said it was less than inch long! I'm sure this is the first of many photo shoots as soon as he arrives!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Drum roll please!!!

It's a boy
We got to see our little baby boy today! what an incredible experience. To watch it raise it's arms and legs and move around. It was facing my back so it was really difficult to get a profile picture but we got a great view of his spine. the tech lady was super nice! we crammed six people in a tiny tiny room but it was worth it. She kept going over it's boy parts and saying it's not going away so I'm pretty sure she was positive it's a boy. It had all four chambers of his heart. Kidneys, stomach, and all the other good parts LOL. He weighed in at a whopping 8 oz. and his foot is an inch long. After the doctor appt. we had to drive to Tulsa to get his crib but he got some loot from my mom and my sister heather. Bree gave me a little white puppy dog with blue spots. She said it's for your belly I love her so much. I'll post a pic of all his stuff tomorrow just to tired and got home to late tonight. hope all had a great day.

Today is the DAY

I'm laying in my bed thinking about getting dressed for the drive to Stillwater to see my first baby on the ultra sound. So many emotions but mostly excitement! With a little luck we will finally know what our little one will be a Jaxxon Shane Allen or Leighton Grace Allen. It's so crazy that before today it's just been the baby, but after this afternoon we can begin to imagine our beautiful baby and how it will grow up. The whole crew is going and we're meeting my Dad and Step-mom Dawn in Stillwater. My mom wanted to be there but had an orientation thing at work she couldn't get out of. The day is also bitter sweet b/c I was suppose to be sharing this excitement with my best friend also. Many of you know that Tish lost her baby on Sat. How I wish things were different so if you will just be pray for us today that would be greatly appreciated. I will post about the appt. tonight!