Thursday, December 30, 2010

another year that come and gone...

Well 2010 has came and went. I remember on New Years Eve thinking this year would be a better year for us. In some ways it has and some ways nothing has changed. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I pretty much let this year just go by. I'm giving myself a by I needed more time to heal more time to grieve. But next year I'm bound to determine myself to not just loaf around. I'm still going to grieve I don't think I will ever stop but it's time to quit letting it consume my life. I think it has a time and place and there will still be moments of sadness and weakness, but I'm vowing to make them more few and far between. I think as a baby loss mom you think the hurt is what makes you remember them, and the truth is it's our heart and our love that keeps there memory alive. This Christmas seemed harder than last year. I think I was still in shock or thought that we would just magically get pregnant, and this year I think I was finally realistic about our situation. I've been grieving that to. Not giving up, just letting myself believe that our plan may not be for me to carry our baby. So yes baby making and infertility were still at the forefront for 2010. There were some good things also.


We rang in the New Year at OKC with Andy and Lacy!


We Celebrated this little guys birth! 2/15/2010
Breeana turned 4

And we Celebrated Jaxxon's first birthday with Jesus! 2/26/2009

March was pretty uneventful so no pics or anything :(


We took our first trip to the zoo!

Got to celebrate Easter with my mom and all my brother and sisters!


We took Huck on his first lake trip Memorial day weekend! He wasn't a fan :)


We celebrated Jarrett's 2nd Birthday!

The Woodward gang came and stayed with us for a few days!
Seen twilight's eclipse twice! yes this is a highlight in my year! Ha!

Shane had his 2nd fathers day...

We officially got our house loan approved and work began...

and as a result Shane ended up with this beauty! LOL!
(side note: this same brush pile will cause him to have a pretty nasty burn two months later)
Huck turned one! 7/26/2010

Officially first time home owners... and it feels great!

Our new drive way!
My little Sister got engaged! Wedding set for 7/23/2011

was much like march I managed to put no pics on the blog
but Shane got his burn, PTL he recovered nicely and fastly
We celebrated Shanes 27th and my 26th Birthdays! another year older...

We had our house warming party with a ton of family and friends!
We celebrated our 5th year of marriage! Still going strong!

My mom's family pic first one in well... a LONG time!

Spent Thanksgiving week with the Woodward bunch!
Got up way to early again for black Friday shopping!
Had our annual tree trimming...

Went to Bree's first Christmas program! we were proud of how well she did for her solo!

We finally started the construction of our porch!

We were blessed to get to go to Angel Fire, NM on a ski trip!
the down side we were both sick as dogs for most of it!
We had a very blessed Christmas with our family this year!
Bring on all 2011 has to offer!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas time in Woodward!

This year for Christmas we are spending it in the big town of Woodward, Ok ;) I traveled with my MIL on Tuesday and Shane Joined last night and we head out on Saturday sometime to enjoy some Christmases on my side of the family! But here's a little what we have been up to this week. :) These are all with my phone so some are a little grainy.

my niece bree whose almost 5 is very in to crafting right now and she made all of us the "helmets" too cute!

The helmets again!

My SIL new puppy Dozer he's loving on me! Him and Huck not so much love going on! Ha!

Bree took this pic of me and Huck. Huck moved right when she snapped it!

Bree ready to rip into those PRESENTS!

Jarrett ready to start too! This year he was more interested in just opening gifts then whats inside! We could have gave him toilet paper and he would have been happy :)

Sawyer enjoying his first Christmas!

I think Shane liked his spot light!

Shane opening his stocking!

I'm thinking he liked this CD

I probably wont be posting in the next day so I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and to any BLM reading this thinking of all our sweet babies and what it means to us because there are presents missing under all of our trees...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ski trip 2010

We have been in New Mexico since Thursday and this trip as been eventful just like every other trip we have taken over the years of our marriage! It started on Tuesday I got sick wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to go. Shane said he wouldn't go if I couldn't and I didn't want him to miss out so I just said I would go and be merry! Well that wasn't actually what happened. I was sick the entire time with altitude sickness! and Shane got the same stomach bug I did on Friday night and we spent an entire day in the hotel room! We did get some skiing in on Friday though.

Here's Shane getting ready for the slope. Yes that is slope singular!!
My mom dogsit Huck for us and she sent us this pic of him on Friday to make it through the next two days! Ha!
This was the view from our Balcony! The Mountains were so pretty.
This is my poor sick hubby :(

Scenery pics have no Idea why they are over here?!?

This is the Grand Canyon of New Mexico.
Me and Shane in front of the Canyon

Cadillac Ranch


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Funday :)

Me and Shane traveled to Woodward last night to watch Bree's Christmas program this morning! It was worth our 3 hour drive and sleeping in a full size bed with Bree in the middle :) she was so cute and sang her solo beautiful!

The girls before the program!

Here's Jarrett in Nanes boots! He may need to grow a bit to wear these:)


Saturday, December 4, 2010

House Warming

This is my house warming post two months late. I was so thankful that everyone could come down and see where we live and where we are continuing to build our lives together. They helped us be able to get a beautiful new porch! It was a lot of people crammed in my little house but it was crammed with love!
Helping them figure out the game!
Me and Jen :)

Me and Sarah!

Gathered in my and Shanes room looking at Kass's engagement pics

Some of the People who crammed in our house to celebrate with us! :)

Nan and Deidra came to enjoy some grubb :)

Gran and Gramps and miss callie

Laci and Beau and miss Chloe

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving week

We had the whole Woodward bunch with us all Thanksgiving week. We had a blast spending time together and stuffing 0ur faces!!

Me and Tish Clowning around :)

Me and Shane at TJ and Deidra's wedding Shane wouldn't take a decent picture... Surprised I think...NOT!

The two cutest flower girl and ring bears around! Bree done so good she stayed up on the stage and smiled like a pretty young lady the whole wedding!

The Bride and Groom saying their vows

Hanging out with Jarrett while mommy went to the route 66 Marathon.
Shane Starting on our porch! It wont be done till the first of the year but it will look great once we get the roof and hand rails on!

Shane and Bree making deviled eggs this was after my 5th attempt at a good pic so they were less than thrilled ;)