Saturday, October 31, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

Last night was so fun! I enjoyed watching all the dances live better then on t.v.! If you thought any of it was fake I can tell you it's not these are incredible dancers...

Me and Tish waiting for the show to begin!

This was the welcome that's Brandon out front. It really showcased there dancing and personality's!
The heart dance!

If you watched the season you had to remember the Russian Folk dance well it kinda become comedic relief through the whole show here they are disguised as doctors who moved the props!

Brandon and Jeanette's spy dance my favorite I waited for all night and wasn't disappointed :)

Jeannette and Ade doing the hip hop routine all about a pic :)

Since it was Halloween they all came out one time or another with goofy costumes on it was hilarious they couldn't even keep a straight face.

Russian Folk dancers again :)

It was alot of fun took tons more pics but since I had 5 post today I'm tired of posting pictures :) hope you enjoy my long update I'll try and stay on top of it better through November no promises though I'm pretty sure every weekend is taken up already. Would rather be busy then board though :) Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving 09

Shane hard at work He carved all of them but Bree's little one in the picture below I helped her carve hers. Didn't think we were going to get to carve them with her this year but it worked out were we got to and I'm so glad we did! I didn't get any pics of her b/c the toot had no clothes on!

Has your Wonderful Husband Ran into your Car?!?!

MINE HAS!!!!!!

I was sitting in the house one night last week and I hear this crash outside I knew it was Shane b/c of how loud his truck is... I was just hoping it wasn't anything of his Pa's b/c we would never ever ever hear the end of it! I was thinking surely I was dreaming I heard him hit something. He comes in and slams the door and says I just hit your car. I could see he was upset so I didn't harass him... to much Ha! I was sick to my stomach b/c we had the rinky peon for so long and nothing happened to it. Of course my new car I have had not even six months I don't think gets ran into by one of my own. :) The damage is not that bad but still I was sick.

Shane decided he could find me a bumper on eBay that we just had to paint. To our shock and amazement he found one for .01 then after we paid our penny plus $69.00 shipping we discovered how great our deal was it had a dent in it on the exact same spot lol! Only Shane is talented enough to do that :)

Huck and House!

This is little Huckabear! He's almost 13 weeks old and has gotten two rounds of shots. He gets really sick and sleeps all day after he gets them. It's really sad :( I said I would never get a dog and I have became one of those crazy people with a fur baby. I guess my heart needed some to love and love me back unconditionally more than what I thought. Since I can't control when and if I will have children I can go out and buy as many dogs as I want :)

You think your just staring at a bunch of woods! Well you are but if you could go in your imagination this will be our future road to our future house :)

Me and Shane out scouting the place!

This is where the house will sit.
We have always wanted to build in the trees and have a tree lined drive way and we are going to get our wish! (after the paper work and the house actually gets built LOL!) Good things come to those who wait isn't that the saying?
I wanted to show start to finish has we complete each step in owning our first home! So be looking for the dozer work pics next :)

Corn Maze *Tons of Pics*

The first weekend in October we decided to take some of our nieces and nephews and cousins to a corn maze. One was haunted and one was just the kind you walk through and go to every check point. We had a lot of fun even though I had to practically drag Shane to car lol! Once we got there he was glad he came!

This is Shane waiting for my Mom to get there with the kids see how excited he is lol!
Katy and Derrick playing on the big Checker Board :)
After being there a while they talked Shane into a potatoe sack race :) I was wish I would have recorded it. Shane took 2nd I was pretty impressed! ( left to right: Katy, Shane, Alec, Derrick, Lauren)

Derrick and Lauren both fell so I had to document it for ever :)

The three younger ones decided to race and as you can see Katy is way out front! It helps to have a rear that skinny Ha!

They had this cute little place set up for family photos so we took advantage! (left to right: Reyann, Mom, Alec, Me, Shane and the model is Derrick lol!)

My Uncle Gary with his two girls Lauren and Katy...Karen stayed home b/c she was too scared of the Blade Man hahahahaha!

Me Shane and Katy this was actually a ring toss but we couldn't resist :)

Reyann and my Mom in the corn stalks that are actually not corn! I still don't quit get the concept but whatever.

Toasting our hand before we go into the Haunted corn maze! We were getting nervous....
It was a great time with family and a memory I will have forever! I love Halloween and Fall it's my favorite time of year. We went to three different haunted houses this year and none of them were that scary but it was still fun just to go!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My Internet that I have at my house in the boondocks is really slow I'm trying to update but it takes for ever promise a very long post to catch everyone up soon :) I know my life is so exciting you can hardly wait :)!!