Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation Day Two Medora, ND

Yesterday we all loaded up and head to Medora, a really neat town that they have set up as like an old western town... They have shops and buggy rides and a beautiful landscape. After we shopped and had our bellies full we decided to go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It has park that has millions of acres of beautiful terrain. We seen buffalo and wild horse and prairie dogs. We decided to take a hike down a coal vain and while we hiking down the trail a group of people told us to be really quite b/c there was rattle snake really far away and he would never get you. So I decide to walk down there since it was so far away... Well turns out it was right by the bridge and I could have just reached out and touched so I just booked the rest of the way back to the car b/c I figured if there was one there could be ton!!! We had a really good time, but I'm so ready for home and some peace and QUITE!!!! tonight we are having a picinic then tomorrow afternoon we will be Oklahoma bound. Whoo HOO

My family we are visiting. left from right Timmy, Billie, Joey,Viv, Terrance and my Grandma. (Timmy is my moms second to youngest brother)

Buffallo resting right by the side of the road.

This buffallo was only about 5 feet from the car so cool!

Beautiful scenery in the town of Medora

All the fam minus me and my mom cause we were taking pics
Timmy, Viv, Terrance, Gradma, Kay Joey, Gary, Lauren, Katy, Billie

Wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Buffalo on a hillside just a little bit before we thought it would be so cool to see one on top of the mountains and we did!!

Beautiful over look at the park

More Wild horses

It's really hard to see but this is a prarie dog! They say they are pest but they really were so cute!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation... So Far

Well on Wednesday morning I got up at five and head to Beggs to meet up with Mom, Grandma, Gary, Kay, Lauren, Katie all headed out to visit my uncle Timmy in North Dakota. So needless to say we have a very looong two days. We got up this morning and went to Mount Rushmore. I have been before, but I was really young so I wanted to visit again. Tomorrow we going Medora I think it's a westernery type town....
Shane is Wyoming til Sept. 15th I already miss him like crazy. Here is some pics of the trip.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

about to happen

I'm down to my last three days of work... I'm not going to lie at times I have hated my job, and would have liked to just pack up my stuff and leave. The closer the time gets for me to leave the harder it seems to actually accept it. I know God has sent me to be with Shane but there's a bunch of things that I feel like scare me to death to leave. I have to trust that he will work them all out. Man, I think I have a trust issues :) I came home from a meeting in OKC yesterday to a nearly empty house. It weird that our life up to this point is packed up and waiting on a new adventure.

I never really thought of Woodward as home til I'm leaving it. Truth be told this is home. This is where I'm comfortable. I guess sometimes it takes leaving to realize such things. I will miss everyone that I have come to know and call a friend. This will probably be my last post as a citizen of Woodward, Oklahoma.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MORE Big Changes

So there have been developments in the last two weeks. God has opened some doors for us. I'm able to move with Shane! I truly thought I was going to be here for a long time. Somethings fell into place and I was able to get a job at a Library close by. I'm very excited for a new chapter in our life's story book, but also terrified. I feel like to many things fell into place right at the right time for it not be right where God wants us to be.

On a sad note... I found out that again this month I didn't conceive. It's been 5 months since we lost Jaxxon I was hoping that I would have already gotten pregnant... God's timing is perfect so I will wait (only b/c I don't have a choice LOL)

I want to thank everyone who have prayed for us. God really worked fast to keep us together and I'm very excited about that.