Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial weekend

On Friday night my mom, My nephew Derrick, and my niece Reyanne came down to spend the night and hang out this weekend. The boys plan was to fish and the girls was shopping!

Found this cute little dress :)

These boys haul for the day!

Enjoying the fruits of there labor :)

Then today I had my mom, grandma, brother, sisters, spouse, niece, nephews, huck, boomer, and ruger all come over for a memorial day cook out!

Yummy chips and salsa!

Bubba and Grandma

Heather, kass and mom

Derrick trying to chop down a dead tree.

Kevin and Shane cooking the meat.

Ruger puppy! He's wore out from all the company:)

Huck and Boomer are inseparable when they are together! Huck cried for 30 minutes after he left looking out the window waiting for him to come back. :(

After we stuffed our faces we headed outside for a game of kick ball!

The best news of all this weekend is we get to get LM (little miss) tomorrow all day :) we are beyond excited! So at 10:00 am we will be picking up our future we hope daughter!!

And this is her first day at home outfit! <3


Friday, May 27, 2011

So Far So Good!

Our social worker came by the house last night for us to sign our contracts and be "officially approved" to be foster parents. We have known about the possibility of the placement of the baby girl since before Easter! Talk about patience. :) All we knew for sure was the week of respite care. Last night she confirmed that the baby will be transitioned in to our home! She told us to get excited. Well of course we are! She wanted to see the nursery and was surprised to see that it transformed into a little girls nursery :) My mom has gotten a ton of stuff so we were prepared for boy or girl! She is native American and the current foster family she is with isn't so since we are tribal that helps us tremendously! The Foster family she is currently with have had her since she left the hospital so she has been loved from the moment she was born and for that we are grateful!

I realize we are dealing with "the system" and things can change at any moment, but I'm just trusting and believing that God has all this worked out for us. As my Grandma Corene told me last night she's praying; it will go so smooth that it will be just like we had her.:) I wont be able to share her name on here. So I think I will refer to her as "little miss" for future post. We have people making bows and we can't wait to get her a dress for my sisters wedding coming up in July! I can't believe I'm going to be a mom to a baby in my arms not just in my heart!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update!

I just received a phone call today asking if we were interested in keeping a 3 month old baby girl... And of course I said yes! So far we will have her one week June 12-18Th so be praying that goes smoothly. I guess depending on how that week goes she maybe transitioned into our home! I'm not sure how everything works at DHS but I'm hoping that's a good thing. So I'm asking for prayers that everything will work out and she will end up being able to stay with us! I'm So ready to embark on this adventure and terrified of getting hurt. I know God is in control and I just have to trust that all will go according to his will. Thanks for all the prayers in advance. :)

P.S. I will will most definitely be counting down the next 19 days!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never to old for a first!

This weekend I ran/walked my first 5k! This time last year I said I would never run... Well I'm still not a true fan of running but it's good exercises and it's fun to race! Plus you get a T-shirt! my goal was 45 minutes. Yes slow to most but I have yet to do it that fast so I was hoping to make it at that. Well I finished in 46:12! I'm a little mad I didn't push myself a little harder to get the 45! Such is life and I'm already registered for my next race! Ha!

Mine and my Sis Kass race numbers!

My SIL Tish and our friend Michelle ran their first half marathon! And they lived to tell the tale:) I'm so proud of them!

Me Kass and Jen before the race!

I don't have any after pics on my phone but we did finish! My Sis Kass kept pushing me to go faster and I kept making her see if we were last! :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Life As We Know It...

Is about to Change!

I haven't blogged about what we have been up to the last 6 months. We have been going through the process to foster/adopt with DHS and we just got approved!! We are so Ready! After 27 hours of class, 3 homestudy visits, and lots of paperwork. Now we are ready to love on some sweet babies!

God has given us complete peace in the next chapter of our life. To us this may have been our plan B put to God this was always his plan A. I know as soon as we have a baby in our arms everything that has happened in the last 5 years will be for not. There is a Chance we will have a placement very, very soon. So please be praying that everything will go as smoothly as it can! Of course I will keep you all posted on how this unfolds!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New addition!

On Saturday me and mom went to the Jenks city wide garage sales... We were heading into our last neighborhood when I seen a sign for free puppies! Shane has been wanting a big outside dog so I told mom I just want to look... And well looking led to love :)

This sweet face stole my heart! Shane decided his name is Ruger!

He's going to be huge! He's 8 weeks and 15 lbs!

Meeting his new buddy for the first time!!

Fast friends :) Shane is pretty nuts over him!

Wanted to play!

Shane texted me and told me to look out the window... Huck was asleep on his lap and Ruger was asleep under the table!

Tired after his first day home! :)

Huck is a jealous toot! The only time he will even look at him is if Ruger is trying to get on of Hucks toys:) huck is a snob but we love him to pieces anyway :)