Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Lake Fun!

On Saturday we decided to head to Canton lake just to get away from home. I'm so glad we did it was a great time and we can't wait to go back!

*picture overload*

Scott and Shane on the way to Canton

Little Jar Bear in his car seat!

all of us girls patiently waiting to arrive at the lake

Me and Bree were in the way back as she calls it :)

Shane running in the water Baywatch style :)

Bree testing to see if her life jacket is going to work. She was actually a lot less scared of the lake then the pool weird!!!

Doing what Bree Bree does :) but looking cute doing it!

Jarrett Showing off some mighty fine blue lips :)

Shane and Bree getting buried in the sand! it was clean sand and you didn't even have to wear shoes in the lake b/c of how clean it was!

Shane was braver letting us bury him to his neck!

This was our little spot on the beach it was so nice to just bring an ice chest with some pop and spend the day.

Scott, Shane and Bree playing in the water.

A good time was had by all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctors appointment

Bright and early Monday morning Tish and I and Jarrett head to Doc Evans in Stillwater. I have been having some issue with things that I thought were side effects of medicine I had been taking and need to get some answers and my thyroid checked. Ladies did you know three to eight months postpartum your thyroid can go nuts so don't just assume it's all b/c you have a new baby. James (scott's dad) brought Bree to meet us in Stillwater. I had to get my blood drawn which requires needles which I hate. So Tish had to hold my hand after we were done Bree told me she was "Soooo proud of me" and that I could "get a sucker" it was just too cute!

Doc said that he was fairly certain it was all side effects of my medicine but that we should check my thyroid just in case. He also told me to cut my dose in half. I'm hoping it helps fix the problem. I also got to speak with him about when I get pregnant again weather or not he could over see my care since I'm considered high risk and good news I can! I will have to go to a fetal medicine specialist to a very in depth ultrasound at 16 to 18 weeks. I was so happy he could see me b/c he is such a great doctor and cares so much for his patients his heart is in it and that puts me at ease.

Well one of the perks to driving 2 1/2 hours to your doc is getting to eat a places Woodward doesn't have. Well we let Bree pic (mistake) She picked Eskimo Joe's which isn't bad but it's not great either.

This is my Chili dog I ordered, not your everyday hot dog but it was actually pretty good!

This is miss priss herself! She was in a mood yesterday, lets just say the trip home was not as pleasant as the trip there :) I love her anyway.

This is mister man, isn't he so sweet! he did so great in the car. Thanks Tish for going with me and holding my hand!

Brett was Enid so as we were coming back through we met him at Freddie's Ice cream if you have never been you must stop in. The food is alright but the ice cream is out of this world. It is by far my favorite!

Less than a week...

We are less than a week away from Jaxxon's due date. Needless to say it has been really a rough time for me. I would think that things would be getting easier and in some regards they are, but I just miss him so much. I thought we would be welcoming home our very own bundle of joy anytime now. I guess it's just hard to get that out of my head.

Father's day was bittersweet, my husband is a father this fathers day but not the way we had pictured. I know when we get to have a child on this earth he is going to be a great dad! He is so great with kids.

We had Jarrett's first birthday party this last weekend. (of course we can't celebrate a birthday with out someone being sick, and this time it was my turn!) I crawled out of bed b/c I wouldn't miss it for the world. I was sitting there thinking we will never get to have this for Jaxxon and he will never get to know his cousin Jarrett this side of heaven, we had hopes for them to be great friends. I can't believe a year has gone by that God put little Jar Bear in lives, but I'm thankful that he has given us such a great nephew to love and spoil :)

This is the little four wheeler we got him! he's going to be a little dare devil like is Nane!

This weekend my nephew Alec turned 14! man I'm getting old. He's a special little boy with the biggest heart. We know he's going to grow up and be a pro athlete of some kind he's great at every sport. I love you bunches Alec!

This post has a bunch of randomness in it. If you have a few minutes this week I could use a little prayer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Something fun to blog about!

This weekend I headed to Branson with one of my best friends Bekah. We had a lot of fun! I'm sore and tired but it was worth it. There's nothing like the rush of looking straight down on a steel roller coaster. We had good food and great time!

This is Bek and I before heading out to Silver Dollar City!

This is the welcome sign to the park!

We rode a giant swing that was so scary but so much fun we rode it twice:)

This is a pic of the actual swing.

After we rode the swing I took some time to milk a cow! LOL

This is for some of you Veggie Tales fans. This is the guy who sang the Cheeseburger song which is my favorite silly song! It was actually a pretty entertaining show. I love Silver Dollar City b/c they aren't afraid to put some God in there shows!

Me and Bek waiting for the show to start we are looking pretty rough this was the last thing we did. I was so tired!

These are the Silver Dollar Saloon girls this show was hilarious I'm glad we took time to watch it.

This is the sign to the powder Keg a coaster we rode three times in a row FIRST thing! I think this ride made sick for the rest of the day!

We also got to go to the Titanic Museum which was a really neat thing. I couldn't get any pictures b/c of a copy right law. If your ever in Branson this is worth the money! Thanks again Bek for a fun filled weekend which is just what I needed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why People Why

So here is a my gripe for today Ha! I go to check my mail a couple of times this last week and I get a cute tiny little diaper, and a packet to fill out a survey and a bib that says baby on it. This is what the letter enclosed in the packet said. If you have lost your baby we are truly sorry, but even though it's hard you should really fill out our survey that repeatedly says things about your "new baby"! How are they sleeping or eating or sitting up. I'm like come on people you want women who have a lost a child to fill this crap out! I know that these companies don't realize that we lost our baby and if I was still pregnant and was actually going to have my baby I would be thankful for these freebies. I just wish there was like a registry that you could sign when you lose a baby so Huggie's and Enfamil and the state of Oklahoma would know these tings. So that's my vent session for today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not meant to be...

Well I found yesterday that I did not get pregnant this month. I took it a lot harder than I thought I would I have been basically lying around in my sorrow for two days! I'm having a why me moment! I know that there is a reason but, I just don't understand. I don't understand why this has to happen to anyone. I'm less than a month away from Jaxxon's due date and each day seems like a chore to get through. I went into his nursery on Thursday and lost it. Shane held me for about thirty minutes, but it's like something is stilling my joy. Where I once felt peace and hope, I know feel anger and sadness.

It seems like it so easy for so many why can't we just catch a break! Well that's my venting for today. I have to get up early for a meeting in the city tomorrow but my heart was heavy and I need to get my feelings in black and white. I pray I can find peace and put my trust in God sometimes it just a struggle and seems like it would be so much easier just to quite! I know that he will never walk away from me and I'm comforted by that I just want to be mad for awhile...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not much to blog about

This weekend was very uneventful which I love b/c it doesn't happen often. Me and Tisha Swam for two hours on Saturday and Sunday. I got a little burnt but it was worth it the water was perfect. We got Jaxxon's DVD set to music from the photographer from NLMDS I bawled my eyes out but I love it! We will find out if I'm expecting in about a week so please remember a prayer for me! but on a really upbeat note! Me and Tisha have tickets to see the American Idol Concert on July 24th. How cool is that! So that's about it around here. Hope all is well with you!