Friday, September 13, 2013

Cayson's First hair cut!

I haven't posted anything since you were 4 months old! Didn't mean for that to happen! On your 8th month birthday you got your very first hair cut!

this was your hair before :)

After! you look so handsome with your new hair!

Jenn did such a good job!

Your asking her what she did to you :)

Cayson 4 months

I didn't get his 4 month pictures done until 2 weeks before he turned 5 months but better late than never! ;)

At your 4 month well baby you were
14 lbs
23 1/2 inches
head 16 1/4

You are so happy all the time! Since we got your formula all straightened out you only fuss when it's time to eat!

We did try some rice cereal out of a spoon. you did pretty well. I'm not going to get real serious until you are six months old.

You are bringing your hands to your mouth constantly! You can take your bink out and put it back in.

You like to snuggle on the dog to the right of the above picture.

You sleep from about 8:30 p.m. to 5:30-6:30 just long enough to drink a bottle then you fall right back asleep till about 8:30.

this picture cracks me up! you are doing your new squeak thing! you love to squeak and yell. It's so funny! You are most talkative in the mornings.

You have lost a lot of hair! And we have an old man hair style situation happening :)

You love your sister and she loves you! She tries to help momma take care of you. She tells me when your crying and tries to help feed you.

This picture pretty much sums you up baby boy. You have the best smile that lights up your whole face. We love you sooo much!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Preston Wiley Craig

Like the rest of my sister pregnancy Preston arrival wasn't without hardship! We found out my sister had developed an illness called acute fatty liver in pregnancy, it's very serious and we are very thankful we didn't lose her and Preston. She still has a long road a head of her but every day seems to get a little better.

A few minutes old!

first pic of the family of three

Even though Kass is smiling she was very sick and didn't know it. First pic of mom and baby!

I will post more cuteness soon just wanted to get this on the blog. My sister still needs lots of prayers. We want her home enjoying her new bundle of joy!