Friday, August 29, 2008

Watching Jarrett!

Last night was the first of many I'm sure times that I got to watch Jarrett all by himself. I love Bree and I mean it but she demands a lot of attention! (imagine that!) So it was fun just to spend some time with him even if he did cry most of the time! I needed a little stand up and walk around time :) who doesn't but we did get to take a short 10 min Nap. My sister's coming this weekend yay! Who knows what will do but i'm sure will find something. I thought I would post a few of pics of the little guy! who we mostly know as brother.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Suit case! :)

Dawn Castor Tag me for the purse game so here it is my mess!

1 Wallet with ( credit card, Check Card, Insurance Cards, High School Diploma, Check Book, Student ID cards, Driver's Ed completion card, other oddities that I can't get rid of) A map of Oklahoma and Elk City for my workshop tomorrow, My Birth Cert. I just got from my mom, Car Keys, Library Keys, A Hair dealy, Bree's hair bow, Three Receipts, one hutch's wrapper, Two Check Stubs, .39 cents in lose change, Book Light for late night traveling, Camera Case, Earrings, ring, Necklace, Book, Picture Holder, reading Glasses, Three pens, Orbit gum, Calender, Ipod, Cell phone, GPS, A bag to hold lip stick, lip liner(that I never Wear) Chap stick that I do, Lotion and Perfume Tish got me from bath and Body, Foam Anti-bacterial stuff, perfume, two pads(that ones for you Dawn), Medication, Vitamins, one almost unrecognizable coupon for Tish to get wipes OH last but not least my Tide to Go Pen Tish got me b/c I rarely can get through a meal with Spilling or dropping something on me!

This is my newest suit case I just got it today! So I wanted to show it off!

Oh and I tag Sarah B/c she never post and anyone else who hasn't done this!

Family Fun Fair!

Last Thursday Me and Shane, Brandy and Tyrell took Bree and Grayden, Haley Arenett to the family Fun Fair It was Little but they had a good time.

Nane and Bree riding the Choo Choo Train!

Tyrell, Grayden and Haley riding the train.
This was their version of a petting zoo rescued dogs but Bree loves puppies so it's ok!

Grayden waiting for the choo choo train.

Us attempting a self pic! not so good Waiting in line for Face painting that turned into hand painting!

Bree getting her hands painted and the next one is the finished product.

Great times in the nursery!

Me and Shane had the nursery at church a couple of weeks ago. In between Crying from some babies we had Carter but on a hair bow I think it's pretty cute!

This is Isaiah he's another cutie in the 1 yr. old room!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Currently Reading

This is definitely a High school age book. I would recommend it to reluctant for High school boys! It's laugh out loud funny. So probably wouldn't be good to read it where you have to be quite! So far one of my favorites on the list and I'm only like a quarter of the way through it. Hope all is well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Currently Reading

Another guilty pleasure This is the last book in another series I started that has absolutely nothing to do with the books I'm supposed to be reading but it's a short book and I'll get through it fast. So This is my newest currently reading.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bree and Jarrett

I haven't posted anything about them in a long time so I thought I would just post some pics I took when they came over for dinner this week! This is Bree with her Nane helping him water his tomatoes and his peppers she was on his shoulders but she needed a closer look!

This is Sweet baby Jarrett just sleeping away!

New Hair!!!

Well I came to Tulsa last night and am staying Thru Friday. Every time I get a chance to for my cousin Jennifer to cut my hair I take it. I wanted to do something really different and asked her to go red with a few blonde streaks in it. Well it's definitely different but I really like it just takes some getting use to it b/c I haven't been this dark ever!
This is the Photographer in my new hair photo shot I think she did a great job! The aspiring photographers name Is Katie she my cousin on my mom's side.
She wanted me to make a happy face so I listened

This one looks pretty good see I told you it was dark it will definitely take some getting use to.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My new currently reading is Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. It's a very lengthy book but it's written in verse so it's really fast to get through. It's been good so far another page turner. It's about three teens who try to kill themselves and end up in a "treatment Facility"

Friday, August 8, 2008

New thing!

Ok so I read all the time one b/c I have to and the two b/c I like to. So I though that while I was reading I would start quick post about what I'm currently reading. So here is what I'm reading for now. and let me just tell you it's so hard to concentrate on this book b/c it's the first after my new favorite saga! I can't believe how good that was still. N E who the book I'm reading now is called Project 17. It's kinda in the Horror genre. Its about 6 teenagers who are spending the night in an abandoned mental hospital so that one of the teens named Derik can enter in a film festival. pretty good so far but again I'm probably not judging it complete fairly.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Currently Reading

I'm reading the fourth book in the series I wrote about earlier it's the last book in the series and it's definitely not the best but it's still a really good read. Those of you who may not want to venture down the vampire path. She has a sci-fi book for adults called the "HOST" It must be pretty good b/c we can't keep it in at the library either.