Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our family Christmas!

I was so excited because we decided to have our own family Christmas, Christmas morning! I'm not going to lie I would have caved a few times to go a head and do it early but Shane wouldn't let me :)

Daddy hard at work being and elf :)

Santa Came!

What I woke up too!

Running to her presents!

Looking in her stocking!

She would have a fit every time we would start to open gifts b/c she wanted to keep playing with her kitchen!

I think daddy liked his gift!

He's been asking for this for like a year :)

She got DVD players for the car from Nan she didn't know she liked them so much till she got in the car to go to Grandma's Christmas :)

My cute little chef!

After we opened presents we put her new cowgirl clothes on her! :)

The Allen side of Christmas

Sorry all these pics are blurry we just took them with my phone! I have got to get a regular camera
All the grands with matching pj's
Bree, Jarrett, Jaxxi, and Sawyer!

The Mama's

Nonny and Poppy with their wild bunch!

Shane loves pictures, can't you tell  :)

Tish Scott and the kiddos

The whole family! I love the matching pj theme!

They were so excited it was present time!

We all had a great time together. We all stayed the night and then had breakfast the next morning! I love that Jaxxi loves playing with her cousins!

Moms Christmas

We had Christmas with my mom this year! I liked having it at my house b/c Jaxxi's the youngest grandchild and usually gets the most presents b/c her stuff cost less so just ends up with more stuff! so I liked the fact that we didn't have to load and unload a bunch of presents!

Most of the presents under around the tree!

Jaxxi found one of her "Santa" gifts early she got a baby stroller! So she's keeping her baby warm: )

Mom made these cute snowman cupcakes!

Me and my girl!

Santa visited Jaxxi twice this year! Here's what he left at moms Christmas! A solid wood baby crib, and a desk she can color at and do puzzle on.

playing with her baby!

My nephew Alec opening up presents!

Shanes socked face! LOL

I think she loves her bed!
It was a lot of fun! The bad thing about having it at your house is the clean up!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

We have been celebrating all week! Tish and the kids are down and Jaxxi loves playing with her cousins!

I forgot to post this the other day. After the adoption she wore a shirt that said "I'm the Best Present Ever" :)

Jaxxi giving Sawyer a smooch :)

Love these three knuckle heads! LOL

Giving Jaxxi snuggles (see I told you they love each other)

Love these Girls!

Shanes aunt Sandy bought Jaxxi bath instruments, and Jare and Bree begged to go home with me I soon found out it was just to take a bath! They were stripping their clothes off as soon as we walked in the door!

Bree and Shane disappeared for a minute and Bree comes in the living room dressed as me! they are goofy

Trinity who took such great pictures of the adoption dropped this off at work for me yesterday! She is the sweetest!

We had my Dad and Dawns Christmas last night the first of many ;) the guys in intense conversation in the kitchen :)

My nephew Levi, Kass, Jaxxi and me ready to rip into some presents!!

Jaxxi was so cute opening her gifts she would say oooh and ahhh and get so excited with each one! I have been looking forward to Christmas's with my child for the last 7 years. I'm so glad it finally came true! We have Christmas today and tomorrow and then Tuesday! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Adoption day!!!

Before the ceremony!

Three Generations of Girls!

Our little stinker!


Being sworn in

We are so glad it's finished!

She was tired of all the pics so she started taking them of us!

He gave her $5 dollars to get her started out right!

us with the judge! I'm sure this is the best part of their job!

Yay! We are all so blessed to have her!

Popa and Gigi and their crying granddaughter!

It's filed and official!
I want to say a HUGE thank you to all our family who have accepted her day one even with all the scary unknowns that adopting through state custody entails. Not everyone is as blessed as we are! A lady who has been at every court date with us since Jaxxi was 12 months old was in tears when she seen how much love and support we had, made me so proud to be apart of that!They said we set a record for the most people to see a finalization :)

Second Huge Thank you goes out to Trinity for volunteering to capture these moments free of charge b/c she has went through the same process and knows what an ordeal it is!