Monday, March 31, 2008

The Painting begins!!!!

This is me a Breezy working very hard to make it look pretty! Doesn't my outfit look devine! We have gotten all the border in the hall down. So now all I have to do is the entry the living room, dining room, and kitchen! So OK I have alot, but we will get it done before Jarrett arrives. Brenda wants to tackel the living room, with the painting so I'll be the border taker downer. lol!! Two post in one day again. I'm better at this then I thought I would be :) hope everybody is having a good day!

It's monday again!

I ended up having a great rest of the weekend. It was so beautiful outside here! We did end up painting Tisha room on Saturday so it wasn't a complete loss it looks really good. Me and Breezy danced and when I would show her a dance move she would have turn and face the way I was facing to make sure she was doing it correctly. It was cute! Then yesterday we went to the park. The weather was just to awesome not to take advantage of going outside! Well if you read my previous blogs we have been working with Bree not to run away from us. Well of course she did it a hundred times worse at the park b/c well she was so excited! any who after telling her like 50 times I finally had to look her straight and the eye to tell her to stop and that's when I discovered something very odd poking out of her tiny little nostril! :) I discovered that she had a bug lodged in her nose. If you know me at all you know that i have a very week stomach and do not like to do anything pertaining to bodily fluids or Orpheus's!!! LOL any ways seeing that it was just me and Bree at the park I had no choice but to disengage the bug from her nose. needless to say i brought out the triple threat gagging as Shane so elegantly puts my weak stomach problems but in the mean time this doesn't slow Bree down one bit. She was ready to go hold you ducky. We did have a blast even with the nose problem. I love getting to spend time with her watching her just laugh and play it is so precious. Oh I was also glad that Shane made it home I almost forgot what being married was like!

Friday, March 28, 2008

more fun times!!!

Well me and Tish were talking about the similarity's between Tisha's number and pizza hut. Well Tish informed me that there really were no similarity other then there is a double number in the last four digits, and it wasn't even the same number. Then I call Pizza hut and give them Pizza hut's number the lady types it in anyways and is surprised to find out that she just typed in Pizza hut's number. We are all laughing so hard I'm anxious to see if our order ends up right! :)

hello again!!

Okay so I'm posting again. I know unconventional but this is new so Tish figured this out for me and Don't me and Bree just look so cute. This is how our relationship goes. She loves me one day and hates me the next. But you can't help but love her. We went to wal-mart to get stuff to paint. We decided that getting a good nights rest would put us in better painting spirits tomorrow. (maybe). We may wait til mother in law comes Funny story about Wal-mart. Bree was running and running and running away from me. Down the aisles and through the woods! then all of the sudden she preceded to lay in the floor and snore loudly and says breezy sleep. I think she was getting my signals I needed a nap after chasing her all over. So we always have fun times at wal-mart. See this blog is gonna be fun come back later for more fun adventures with Ashley

starting a blog

OK i keep trying to justify not having a blog I don't have children, who wants to hear about my life. blah blah blah. So I just decided I would take the plunge and try it. Who knows how often I will do this or even it it will be of interest. but here goes my blogging!