Friday, June 8, 2012

Our crazy week...

One Wednesday morning I got a call from my mother in law that Shane was in the ER with severe abdominal pain, They gave him some pain meds, and a GI Cocktail and he was sent home. So they made and Appointment with our Primary Care doctor the same day. He ordered a CT scan of his chest and ultra sound for the following Wednesday, so they traveled back to Woodward in the hopes of that Shane would start feeling better and could go to work as scheduled the next day. As the day went on it was clear that Shane was not going to get better. So they made another trip to the ER that evening, they did the CT scan and the Ultra sound both came back normal so they gave him more meds and sent him home. At 3:30 Thursday morning he again was in so much pain they went back to the ER, more of the same pain meds and the scheduled an Hida scan for the following morning but they didn't want him taking pain meds for 10 hours and Shane was barely making it 2 hours, so we knew that wasn't going to work. So we made the decision to bring him to OKC to see if there was anything they could do. They were convinced it was Gastritis and again doped him up and sent us home. Shane slept all night, then woke Friday morning around 10:30 and was in the worst pain he had been in. So we loaded up and headed to Saint Johns in Tulsa.

I was in tears at the ER begging them not to send us home b/c we didn't know how to manage the pain, and obviously something was wrong. By a miracle they decided to admit us. So we were in the hospital for 4 days and they did another CT scan, Hida scan, and a scope of upper GI everything came back completely normal... our hearts sank. So we went back to our Primary on Tuesday afternoon, and he order two more test one called a Meckel Diveticulum (sp?) and one for Ceilac disease. The Meckel scan came back normal still waiting on the Celiac dieseas. So it's day 9 Shane is still in pain we still have no answers! He will go Tuesday to see another specialist and hopefully this will be the doctor to figure out this mystery!