Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We went to Tulsa's annual Boo HAHA parade last Sunday! Jaxxi loves parades and getting all the candy :)

Jaxxi 3rd Boo HAHA

Cayson's 1st Boo haha

This was the only pic I got of mister Preston getting fed at his 1st Boo HAHA parade.

We are trying to teach Jaxxi to be a good parade watcher. LOL like to wave at everyone and smile :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkin Patch number 2

This past weekend we went to Bixby, OK  to another pumpkin patch with my sister and my new baby nephew Preston! We had been planning it all October and didn't get to go until the last weekend it was open!

She's not so sure about the hay.

Jaxxi and Cayson with Nana

We were trying to get Nana with all her little grand kids but that didn't happen very easy!

Jaxxi was trying to comfort baby Preston!

My two cuties playing with a big pumpkin!

Cayson loved the pumpkins! and tried to eat the hay. :)
Our second trip was just as fun as our first. Our babies are growing so fast. There were so many years I wasn't sure I would ever have this. I'm so blessed and thankful for it all!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I was so excited to take Jaxxi trick or treating this year I thought she would love it since she's older... Well it was not so fun! Hopefully next year will be better! Cayson enjoyed his first Halloween but he's so happy I knew he would!

She was a mean lion!!

This was the only picture of her being sweet! It was a really rough year!

She wasn't in the mood for pictures!

These two are bestest buds!

And she was done! She had her self a little fit in someones yard!

Cayson was a cute little fox :)

Another Halloween in the books. It really was fun, I just wish Jaxxi wasn't as tired as she was and could have enjoyed it more.

Mason Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weekends ago we went to a small pumpkin patch in Mason, OK. It wasn't planned, and Jaxxi had been playing all day so she's looking kinda rough :)
She thought the Pumpkins were neat!

This was the best I picture I got of the two of them.

We didn't actually get to do the corn maze... But hey we got a picture :)

My little pumpkin :)

Hay Jump

We met up with our older cousins and Katy helped Jaxxi through the junior maze.

Jaxxi learning how to milk a cow!

She was scared at first but then she realized it wouldn't bite. :)

They had these balls to do races on! They had a blast!

My Nephew Derrick helping baby girl jump really fast!

We got spend about an hour having fun and it was perfect fall weather! I can't get enough

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cayson's First hair cut!

I haven't posted anything since you were 4 months old! Didn't mean for that to happen! On your 8th month birthday you got your very first hair cut!

this was your hair before :)

After! you look so handsome with your new hair!

Jenn did such a good job!

Your asking her what she did to you :)

Cayson 4 months

I didn't get his 4 month pictures done until 2 weeks before he turned 5 months but better late than never! ;)

At your 4 month well baby you were
14 lbs
23 1/2 inches
head 16 1/4

You are so happy all the time! Since we got your formula all straightened out you only fuss when it's time to eat!

We did try some rice cereal out of a spoon. you did pretty well. I'm not going to get real serious until you are six months old.

You are bringing your hands to your mouth constantly! You can take your bink out and put it back in.

You like to snuggle on the dog to the right of the above picture.

You sleep from about 8:30 p.m. to 5:30-6:30 just long enough to drink a bottle then you fall right back asleep till about 8:30.

this picture cracks me up! you are doing your new squeak thing! you love to squeak and yell. It's so funny! You are most talkative in the mornings.

You have lost a lot of hair! And we have an old man hair style situation happening :)

You love your sister and she loves you! She tries to help momma take care of you. She tells me when your crying and tries to help feed you.

This picture pretty much sums you up baby boy. You have the best smile that lights up your whole face. We love you sooo much!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Preston Wiley Craig

Like the rest of my sister pregnancy Preston arrival wasn't without hardship! We found out my sister had developed an illness called acute fatty liver in pregnancy, it's very serious and we are very thankful we didn't lose her and Preston. She still has a long road a head of her but every day seems to get a little better.

A few minutes old!

first pic of the family of three

Even though Kass is smiling she was very sick and didn't know it. First pic of mom and baby!

I will post more cuteness soon just wanted to get this on the blog. My sister still needs lots of prayers. We want her home enjoying her new bundle of joy!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunday Funday on the lake :)

A couple of Sundays ago we met up with the Allen crew and had a fun day on the lake :)
Love these cousins

they are great models :)

Sawyer wasn't really into taking pictures but at least he's looking :)

Jaxxi wasn't really into swimming in the middle of the lake even with daddy :)

Shane on the tube

Bree and Jaxxi watching him deciding if they will get on that thing :)

We got a little fishing in too.

She didn't like swimming in the big middle of the lake but she didn't mind holding the door open for us :)

but she LOVED the swim beach b/c she could touch!

I loved watching her play and explore :)
We had to cut our day a little short b/c it started storming on us. It's been one crazy July here in Oklahoma lots of rain and cooler temps. I'm not complaining though I hate the heat!