Friday, September 23, 2011

The Call

So Little Miss still has visit with her birth parents twice a month, these usually go off with out a hitch and I'm more than happy to share what's been going on and what new stuff she has been learning and doing, but the last two have been kinda strange. I knew something was up and it was honestly making me a little uneasy and nervous. So I contacted my social worker to see if they had begun talking relinquishment/termination of rights. and she said they hadn't begun those talks with the parents yet and weren't going to until the next family planning meeting with lawyers and counselors present. So I was still a little perplexed. I felt like they were telling her good bye and starting to let her go. Also telling me things they wished for her in the future. How she would be when she grew up and what they have allergies to and so on and so on. Then after our visit on Wednesday as we were leaving they asked to speak to our worker and so me and missy pants walked on out to the car with a home visit planned for Thursday. Well Thursday I got a call that they have decided they are ready to let her go and for me and Shane to move forward with the adoption! So things could be started as early as October 5! We couldn't be happier b/c I was prepared for a lot more drawn out process. Because up until this point they were going to continue to fight for her. Our worker told me yesterday that it shouldn't take more than 6 months for everything to be officially finalized! I honestly couldn't believe it! that will put her at a little over a year old!

It's funny what a difference a year makes. It was around this time last year that Shane yelled at me from the shower know how does this foster care thing work:) and from that our journey began. An my what a ways we have come. We are truly blessed and do not deserve an ounce of the favor God has shown us. I just find myself in tears humbled before God that he choose this little girl to have us as parents. It also gives me a slight anxiety attack not to mess it up! They can still change their mind and make the process of this longer, but would you pray with us that things will go smoothly and for me as I go to the family planning meeting. I know God has every detail mapped out and for that I'm thankful. I have never had any control and it's a huge burden lifted off to know I'm just a long for the ride!

Friday, September 16, 2011

7 months

I can not believe my baby is 7 months old! She is getting so big and learning stuff every day!

  • you weighs 16 lbs
  • you are 26 1/2 inches long
  • you had 3 ear infections in the past month :(
  • you are on Z yrtec everyday for allergies
  • A moxicillin (sp?) and A gmitten (sp?) give you severe diaper rash!
  • You are sitting up really good all on your own
  • you chew on everything!
  • you like to play with the blocks in you shape sorter
  • you wave bye bye and hello (sometimes with your sweet fingers and sometimes with your whole arm)
  • you clapped for Poppy for the first time
  • you bring your hands together when I say patty cake patty cake
  • you went to the zoo for the first time.
  • went to your first football game to watch you cousin Alec play!
  • you still eat 6 oz every 4 hours
  • you are not so much liking baby food but we are still giving it to you two times a day. you LOVE oatmeal. and baby cookies :)
  • You splash and make a big mess at bathtime!
Baby girl you are the sweetest happiest friendliest baby! and I couldn't be more happy to be your momma! Even through all this sickness with the expection of couple of nights you have continued to be your good natured self! You have changed my life in every possible way and I couldn't be more happy! At this stage you are very quite and do not talk much but I'm sure in a year we will not be able to get a word in edge wise :). We love you so much and can't remember life without you! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jaxxi's Room... So far

Yes she's almost 7 months old and yes I'm just now getting around to getting her room looking the way I want it! But it's better late than never! :)

Rug this pic was taken durning the still doing stuff process and I was trying to decide if I like it and I do. :)

This is a better pic of rug.

Wall decals her Daddy assembled!

Tree to hang towels and jackets on.

Crib, still have to put her name above it and maybe a few other things.

Top of dresser. Still have to put our pics in the frame. :)

Table right when u walk in. With her photo album and owl picture her mean Aunt Karen made her!

Book case Aunt Melissa and Uncle Kevin got her.

Close up of bookcase. Picture frame made by Brandy Pickard. Still need to get a few more things for this.

Just to precious not to post!

I still need bow holders and a picture or something above changing table then I think it will be perfect! For a perfect girl! :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lack of Blogging!

I apologize for the lack of updates! I've been a little preoccupied plus everything I would LOVE to blog includes a pic of little Missy pants and I can't put her cute little face on the Internet yet! Plus I mostly do my blogging from my phone and I can't put the cute little heart over her face. So excuses, excuses! The bright side is we are getting Internet at home! I have done with out it for two+ years... But not anymore they finally offer DSL out our way! So excited, draw back since we are a new house they have to do construction so it could be 2-6 weeks! If you waited 2 years whats 6 weeks. :)

I wrote Jaxxi on my last post so I guess I the cats out of the bag for all you readers who don't know me in real life. We are naming her Jaxxi Mae Allen! Her name fits her perfectly just one more reason I know without a doubt this child was created for us. If I ever have doubts that God works out EVERY detail, He has probably got a good laugh at me the last few weeks! We all survived surgery, She was so good. We had a looong weekend though, but I know she handled it way better than I would. We had our first Doctor appt. and she weighs 15lbs 10oz and 26 1/2 inches long! She had a double ear infection at that appt. we go back next Monday for an ear check and I'm pretty certain that we are going to discover another ear infection. We may have an ear infection till some teeth pop through. :(

Shane is liking his new job. I like having him home on his 7 days off. He feels like he never has time to do anything and the truth is we have pretty much been on the move since we got Jaxxi a little over a month ago. I'm ready for life to slow down a bit. I'm afraid we are just picking up steam for all the stuff that goes on the last few months of the year. I mean we already have Christmas's with our family scheduled! She has put a new lease on the life lots of things I have been avoiding the last 5 years through infertility are suddenly fun again! Me and Shane can be sitting down to dinner with Jaxxi in her bum boo (sp?) seat and just look across at each other and smile b/c this is us living our dream. I don't think I have stopped asking myself how did we get so lucky but Praise God we did!

Want to look back and know what I was feeling in this moment and the thing I would say is hardest about parenting is just all the worry if you making the right decisions for her. Big or little decision just decisions. Gives me anxiety and last Saturday I think I had my first mental break down. Glad I got that out of the way. :)