Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 months!

Well it's that time again time for ANOTHER monthly post. I'm so happy for each milestone, but also would like to keep her my tiny little baby!

  • You were 17.5 LBS and 28 inches long at 9 month well baby visit we go back to doctor on Wednesday and I'm positive you have grown!
  • biggest milestone is starting to Army Crawl! I was wrapping with shiny Christmas paper and that gave you enough motivation to get on the move!
  • Started eating pasta pick ups, You don't like baby food even though Nana says I just don't try hard enough :)
  • We have moved most of your feedings from your bumboo seat to the big girl high chair.
  • You can eat a whole cracker by yourself.
  • Daddy walked in the door and you started saying DADA. Still not a mention of mama!
  • front two teeth all the way in. Another top tooth pooped through this week. That makes 5 teeth for you total.
  • Still drinking 4-5 6oz. bottles a day.
  • Went to look at Christmas lights and Christmas inflatables.
  • Hung your first Christmas Ornament.
  • First Carner Tree Trimming
  • First Thanksgiving
  • First accident! While taking family photo's Mommy let you fall off a chair. You were OK after a few snuggles! (P.s. daddy will never let mommy forget I let you get hurt first! ha!)
  • Met your extended family on Poppy's side.
  • Continue to develop your cute, sweet, ORNERY personality.
  • The very start of stranger anxiety.
  • Started throwing head throwing fits!
  • Fighting sleep.

This girl is a mess! Mine and Shane's hearts are full to the brim though! I have know idea what we did for entertainment before her. I'm so much looking forward to our first Christmas as a family of three! God has blessed more than we deserve!

I have so much to get caught up on in blogging. Maybe after Christmas I can set down and get some pictures on here and get caught up!