Monday, December 29, 2008

Home at last!

Well we had a great Christmas this year. Busy as usual but it was still really nice. First we had Brett and Brenda's Christmas eve. We weren't in a hurry to get anywhere so we stayed up watching movies and eating a lot at their house. Then on Christmas morning we went back in OU PJ's for some breakfast! we went home and packed and got cleaned up for long drive to Tulsa. We got there around five that evening and spent some time with my Mom's family. Then on Friday it was up early for some shopping! We literally shopped all stinkin day! Then on Friday evening we had my Mom's Christmas we had a lot of fun and got some great stuff. Then on Saturday we had my Grandma's on my Dad's side. We have lots of fun and every year we play Cranium boys against girls and drum roll please.... the girls won for the second year in a row!!!! The prise a horses butt trophy! o yea and bragging rights for a whole year. We stayed there til one in the morning playing games it's so fun! Then on Sunday it was my Dad's Christmas we had a great time there hanging out and enjoying the last Christmas of the season! We got home around 10 last night, but it was well worth it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

thump, thump, thump....

Well yesterday was the big appt. The heartbeat appt. I have to admit I was really nervous about it. I guess it's the mother in me already I just wanted me baby to be OK. So the whole family went, Brett, Brenda, Tisha, Bree, Jarrett, Me and Shane. We all squeezed in a little room to hear this precious miracle in me. It was taking him a little bit to lock in on it. I was about ready to start my panic mode when he found it. Then my relief tears came out :) It is so amazing I have heard hearts beat before but not our baby's heartbeat! the heartbeat was 120 so the wives tale goes the lower the heart rate the more likely it is to be a boy so of course Shane was excited. We get to find out for sure what it is if they want to cooperate on Feb. 2. I still can't express how grateful I am that God is trusting us with one of his children. It is so amazing to serve such and awesome God. I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas season and have safe travels if they are out on the road this Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family night out

Our church put on a dinner theater this year called the Christmas shoes and all of us went to enjoy the production. I only got Tisha and Shane to take a pic with me though. :) It was a great reminder of how Christmas really should be.

before the show killing time.

Me and Tish waiting for the show to start!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas trees and crazy weather!

Well yesterday my wonderful Mother-in-law knew me and Shane had both been feeling sick so she decided to come over and clean our entire house as a surprise! I know how lucky am I thanks again Brenda you don't know how much that means to us. So anyway I felt half way human last night so I decided to put up the tree why I was still feeling good.

OK and now for the crazy weather. for all of you who don't live in Woodward I thought this would interest you. Yesterday at 5:00 when I was driving home from work it was 72 degree's and then this morning I wake up to this winter wonderland. It looks like I got in the Christmas spirit just in time.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I love my dork!

**WARNING** picture over load. I was going through my Camera and stumbled on all these photo's I couldn't wait to share, Shane may want to kill me, but I couldn't spare giving all of my faithful :) blog readers a good laugh!

This is Shane board to death at tree trimming again not his favorite holiday tradition!

as for the rest of these pics I just can't explain them other than that's just Shane.

These next few pictures where for us to have a few good pics of the last Thanksgiving as a family of two.

this seriously was the best pic even though his eyes look like a crazy man.

why o why do you have to do this to me Shane Allen!
Hope you all enjoyed them as much as me.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the famous Carner Tree Trimming

Well this is a tradition that I think you only love and cherish if you were born a Carner! Every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving we load up and head to Grandma and Grandpa's. They are pastors and they have almost all my life lived about an hour and half away in town called Braggs, America as we like to call it. N E way we all pile in there tiny house there is probably at least 35 of us and always a few friends who come with someone. This is how we trim the tree. We go in age order and hang our ornaments. Each family have a theme like ours was Raggedy Anne and Andy for example and you use this ornament til you are married then you and your husband get to hang your ornament together. I almost forgot to mention that as your hang your ornament the crowed is chanting your name for encouragement it's a real accomplishment to hang that thing up there :). Then after the tree is all done. We sing Christmas carols. The Christmas carol we sing every year no matter what is the 12 days of Christmas and we all have an assigned part. It is the funnest thing ever.

this is not a part of our tradition I was getting a little irritate that an hour of trimming was dedicated to this game. we had to trim fast at half time.

notice the tree limbs gone so people could see. Also notice how many people are crowed in. This is not even almost every one.

Grandma sorting out the ornaments she is forgetting who's is who a little in this day and age.

This is me and shane after we hung ours. It's customary for the married couples to share a smooch after we hang up our ornament. Shane usually hates this, but this year he just planted one right on me.(hints the face)

this is me and Madison awaiting our turn!

My grandparents are the last to go and they look forward to their PDA for the year. I look forward to me and Shane to be able to share this tradition with our kids and grand kids some day!!!


Well we had a busy Thanksgiving week as I'm sure you all did. Since Shane loves hunting so much we decided to take the whole week for him to be able to do that we had tons of fun! Since my parents are divorced we have about a billion thanksgivings to go to OK only three but it feels like it. First up is Nan's famous Thanksgiving feast we would definitely not miss this one. Then it's off to Beggs to celebrate with my Mom's side of the family for dinner. Then my Dad's side is always on Saturday this tradition gets a post all of it's very own.

Brett wrestling with Trystan (I think Trystan won!)

Andy I'm sure harassing Brenda

Baby Carly in Jarrett's seat

hanging out before lunch

furiously cooking

Just One more time...

This is what Bree kept telling her uncle nane when he would try and get her off the 4 wheeler.

She looks scared but oh did she love it. She wanted to go real fast!

She was sayin quit taking pictures let get this thing going.

We took this picture just to make Brenda think we let her ride this one by herself!

I've been tagged--Six Random Facts about Me
Dawn tagged me, so play along will you?
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So--Six random things about me.

1. I very much over analyze everything. Like I lay in bed a night and replay almost every conversation I had that day. weird I know.

2. Shane says I'm the only person he knows that just randomly gags for no apparent reason.

3. I almost always have my hand in a fist. Some people would say this is b/c of stress I just think it was a habit I picked up some where along the way. who knows.

4. The only place I can't not stand clutter is my desk at work. Some times it gets down right obsessive my organizing and cleaning habits at work. If you went to my house you would never guess this about me.

5.That I'm actually a pretty shy person even though when you get to know me you might not guess this about me.

6. One thing a lot of people don't know about me is the fact that I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and I'm the favorite out of all of them :)

I tag, Kara, Brandy, Mandy, Becky, Sally and my cousin Sarah