Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm really behind!

Two weekends ago we celebrated father's day a week late. My Grandma had us all suprise my grandpa at his church and all say something about him. It was really special to say the things you love and appericate about someone to them when there alive and not just at funnerals. My Grandpa is one special man! he is someone who I have truely never heard one person say anything bad about him, or met someone who didn't like him. He is a man of God and lives by his preaching. I'm so truely blessed to have the family I have and the reason I do started with Him being the leader in a Godly household. Gods blessing from that is now touching atleast three generations of Carners. So thank you Grandpa and I love you!

My dad, me, Grandpa

My sister Heather, Kass, Dad, Me, Grandpa, My Brother Kevin

My step mom dawn, Dad, Me at Eskimo Joes

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