Thursday, November 13, 2008


After almost two weeks of waiting and a week of calling and harassing I finally got my blood work results back. This usually wouldn't be that big of deal but I needed something to help my troubled mind. Everything came back great! every thing looked normal except that I'm RH negative a common thing treated with a shot!!!!! (needle phobia and I just got two extra ones) Well good. It's definitely worth it. I have actually been feeling good. Don't ask Tish or Shane about this they think I'm whiny :) To my defense I'm not whiny. It is a lot different then what I thought it would be I knew I would be tired, but I didn't think I would feel like I hadn't slept for three days every night around 7:00! I knew my back would hurt, but I didn't think I would get hung up just from standing up! Thank goodness I haven't been really sick this I'm very grateful for. Just an update on what's going on. Thanks for all the prayers they have been felt and it wouldn't hurt my feeling if you kept right on praying :)


Tisha said...

umm she is whiney by the way ask her sister! I just sit back laugh and watch her eat some of her words!!:) I just wish I could've eaten and enjoyed food as much as she has so far!

Kara said...

you can be is your right as a preggo lady :)

Dawn said...

Just you wait, Ashley Allen, Just you wait--You might think you're tired now, but just you wait! As your middle starts to grow, you will start to be real slow, just you wait, Ashley Allen, Just you Wait!

Guess what musical that's a parody of? And I'm guessing you're gonna outgrow that needle phobia! Bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

yes ashley is really whiney i was only there for a weekend and i wanted to kill her lol so i feel so sorry for all you guys up in woodward.... I love Ash!!!!


Mandy said...

Okay, you make me laugh, I can't wait to see what your like at nine months when you can't sleep when you are tired because you are so big that you can't even breath very well much less lay down without your back pain making you want to get right back up!!