Friday, September 25, 2009

A Hunting I will Go!

So next Thursday is my 4th Anniversary... but more importantly (according to Shane) is opening day of bow season!! I'm pretty scared of guns b/c they are loud and the kick but a bow has always interested me. Plus I want to out shoot Shane some day soon! Last year I took hunter safety, and Shane found me a cheap but nice bow on tradio. Then shortly after I found out I was pregnant and just didn't feel like getting into it. So this year I'm really going to practice and get to go! We went to the hunting shop and bought my arrows pink and pink zebra stripe fletching none the less and a pink Crush target that is endorsed by a "Hott" hunter chick (Shane's exact words). So we have invested in this sport so I'm committed to out hunt my husband! After all I have out fished him on every occasion I'm sure I can do this also. Ha!I will keep you updated on how my hunting experience turns out!

This is not bad considering it was my first time to shoot not the bulls eye, but they are all together! Shane just need to adjust my sights.

Shane would not shoot at a pink target HA!

I had to put pics of my fur baby Huck on here! I've been so proud of him for all of yesterday and through the night he used his puppy pad to go to the bathroom! yes I know I get excited over the small stuff!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm headed to the fair/rodeo/Gary Allen concert. With Kass and Robby and Shane should be fun and I'll take pics!


Dawn said...

Good luck on the shooting!

Chelsa said...

have fun hunting!
i'm just the hunter's wife :)

your puppy is too cute!