Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walk a mile...

This past Saturday Jaxxi, my sister Kassie, my cousin Jennifer and her daughter Madison all went with me to OKC for a foster care walk put on by I had just found it online through a website called they do the walk to raise awareness of how many kids are in a desperate situation and need Christians to get on board. Open their homes and help these children. They were also accepting donations of luggage because most kids in care only have a trash sack to carry all there belongings around in.

Some of the luggage that was brought.

I will be the first to admit that adopting or fostering through DHS wasn't even on my radar until we found out we couldn't have kids on our own. Then God started opening my heart up to his plan A for our lives. Is it all glamorous? No! But there are so many kids who just need love. I would encourage you to just at least pray about how God could use you in some way to help these kids. Even if it's not full time care in your home.

May is foster care awareness month. I challenge you to think about what it would mean to walk around in one of these children's shoes.

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