Saturday, September 8, 2012

18 months

Jaxxi you almost nineteen months old but we just went to your 18 month well baby visit on Wed. so want to get your stats down

  • you weigh 21.8 lbs. in the 8th%
  • you are 31.5 inches in the 37th %
  • you are trying to run
  • still love horses
  • have been starting to show your Independence
  • throw lots of fits
  • give lots of hugs and kiss
  • still don't have much to say
  • sleep pretty good
  • Love to be outside!
  • Still have your bink
  • play more independently
  • still need my hair for comfort
  • Love to dance in the car!
  • Love, Love Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Wearing 12 months still, but will start buying only 18 months
  • your foot has just started to really grow! you have went past a 3 and almost out of 4's! Sure making it hard for mama to find shoes!
  • You are understanding simple commands and doing what we ask.
Jaxxi you continue to bless our lives so much! We love you baby girl!


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