Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Insurance Deduction here we come!

Today my husband turns 25! I can't believe we're in our mid twenty's Time flies by. on a side note I remind everyone when their in their thirty's I will still be 29 lol! NE who we had Shane's Birthday dinner at Tisha's last night thanks for Making some mighty tasty Hobo Stew Tish. We had a good time. Thanks for coming Brandy and Tyrel!

This is Shane opening his presents actually Bree opened them for him but that's OK.

This is what Jarrett and Bree got uncle nane a blue and red flash light to find the blood path easier when he shots his next monster buck!

Here he is showing off his gift with the little hunting buddy!

This is Jarrett just being cute with Uncle Nane's hat. He'll grow into it before we know it.

This is momma Bree feeding Bubba Graydon her brownie. They play so good together!

Thanks everyone for coming and being a part of Shane's Birthday! We love and appreciate everyone of you. Oh and Thanks Tish for the new header it looks great!


Mandy said...

That is a great header. I remember when Chad turned 25 we were so excited about the lower insurance. By the way, pictures of Shane seem to make me laugh a lot. He seems to be caught making funny faces quite often.

Brandy Lee said...

Thank you for inviting us. I know Tyrel wouldn't have missed it for the world. Those two just crack me up. Bree and Graydon are so funny together. I love how she takes of him.