Monday, January 26, 2009

God's still working on me...

to teach me what i ought to be... enough of the children's musical. I have been reading some blogs of women who have had babies with health problems and women who are hoping and praying for the day that will get a positive pregnancy test, and that's when God slapped me on the face in my recliner that I have to soon forgotten what a true miracle he has given me. I'm so humbled and blessed that he choose me with all my weaknesses and weird hang ups to bring up a child of his. I was basically crying hysterically and just praising God for all the wonderful blessing in my life. I'm only seventeen weeks pregnant and have already forgotten what it was like to agonize every month when the test was negative. I'm praying right now for every woman who is still trying and praying for their miracle or maybe God answered your prayer but your baby is in trouble I'm praying for you to. I hope that everyone who has been blessed with a child will get on their knees and pray for women who are still desperately wanting a baby of their own.

God I pray right now for every couple who is struggling to keep their hopes up that in your perfect timing and way that you will bless them exceedingly above their expectations, That your perfect will be brought to all of their lives no matter what the solution maybe. I pray peace and understanding that they will have the faith to live through the next day. I'm praying in advance for all the wonderful miracles you already know about that their Mother's aren't even aware of the fact that their babies are in their womb. I know that your a big God and can do all things. amen

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