Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A lot of work!

On Saturday Brenda came over to help me get started on getting things organized for the baby. I knew this would be a long tedious process b/c I tend to be a bit of a hoarder. So we start in the garage slash garage that was converted into a room. Which is where we had our computer desk, and various other nonsense. that took o about two hours. then it was the two spare rooms and closets and that took another chunk of the day. I only left my house to run to wal-mart for totes. We started about one o'clock and didn't finish til seven or seven thirty that evening. Brenda is lean mean organizing machine and I'm so happy she helped me. I have orders this week to go through a few more things and put what i want to keep in totes and figure out where to put the totes. So it's still not over. one truck load to OARC and one truck load to the dump later and my house is almost ready for our little bundle of joy!


Kara said...

It is always so challenging to do that kind of cleaning and organizing. I am definitely not a keeper, but Cory is and the kids take up so much space! Good luck finishing up!

Mandy said...

I need Brenda for awhile. Of course I would be to embarrassed to let her see my house!

Sarah Castor said...

Well I have never done maternity pictures but if I wouldn't really mind doing them. Tish asked me do some for her in like July, so I think I might be doing some for her then. Why do you ask? P.S. My e-mail is sae_castor@sbcglobal.net