Tuesday, August 18, 2009

about to happen

I'm down to my last three days of work... I'm not going to lie at times I have hated my job, and would have liked to just pack up my stuff and leave. The closer the time gets for me to leave the harder it seems to actually accept it. I know God has sent me to be with Shane but there's a bunch of things that I feel like scare me to death to leave. I have to trust that he will work them all out. Man, I think I have a trust issues :) I came home from a meeting in OKC yesterday to a nearly empty house. It weird that our life up to this point is packed up and waiting on a new adventure.

I never really thought of Woodward as home til I'm leaving it. Truth be told this is home. This is where I'm comfortable. I guess sometimes it takes leaving to realize such things. I will miss everyone that I have come to know and call a friend. This will probably be my last post as a citizen of Woodward, Oklahoma.


Dawn said...

We'll miss you. Glad you finally figured out how awesome Woodward is! :)

Chelsa said...

can't wait to hear an update on your big move! hang in there girl!