Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

We spent this Easter with my mom. We went to her church in Beggs. We had a great time just being with family... These are a million picture of all of us b/c we are a pretty large family! and we love taking pics ;) We wanted to take some outside but couldn't b/c of the wind you'll see what I mean in the last pic!

me and Kassie
Doesn't Shane look so enthused!! Kass snuck in the pic.

This is all of us at church... We were trying to teach mom how to smile :)
(Melissa, Me, Reyanne, Mom, Kass, Heather)

This was Mom practicing her smiling she kinda looks a little scared LOL!!! I love you Mom!

Me and Shane and Huckabear and his sad excuse for a smile...

Me and Kass again!

Heather and Bubba!

This is my brothers family... Melissa, Kevin, Reyanne, Derrick

All the girls with Grandma Pendergrass She just turned 84 on the Friday before Easter. I think she's looking good for 84!

Grandma with all her boys!

My Mom and her Mom :)

Shane and Huck They both LOVE pictures ;)

This is all of us with the wind blown look :)
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did :)

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