Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To the Zoo!

Tish came down to see Pa (Shanes Grandpa) then headed off to Glenpool to see her in-laws so I decided while she was in town to go to the Tulsa Zoo. The weather was perfect!

This is all of us minus Kass, This pic should have been an indication of how the rest of the days pictures were going to go!Kass and Jarrett, He took to her and she chased him around all day :)

Bree brushing a goat!

Jarrett LOVED the goats! we had to make him leave the petting zoo part!

This was mine and Kass's best attempt at getting their picture together!

Tish and Jarrett playing at the park!

Kass enjoying a little break and some refreshments ;)

Breeze sliding just one more time... I think it ended up being two more times :)
After a long day they were all tuckered out! So were we! Love to have that memory with them and glad we decided to go. They grow up way to fast!

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