Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's been way busy for the Allen's the last little bit I feel like I haven't done this much for months! We've had a house warming party, I helped with a halloween party, help my brother move,family pictures, a trip to Woodward, helping my Sis with some wedding stuff, a trip to Braggs to see my grandparents! I'm tired thinking of it all. I don't see it slowing down until after the first of the year either!

But for the most part it's all been with family and I love being around people I love. :)

Halloween is almost over and it's the first year in about 15 I didn't make it to any haunted houses or do anything really festive. We didn't even carve pumpkins! The holidays are just tough sometimes, even after almost two years. I just hope by next Halloween we will have a little trick or treater to tote around! :)

Picture from trystans Halloween party!

Hip hop princess peach:)

Fear factor game!

More fear factor

My Sis kass after cake testing.

My sweetie on the way to Braggs this morning!

I hope everyone has a blast this Halloween!


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Dawn said...

Hipstamatic app? Love the pics!