Friday, January 7, 2011

let's get it started!

Well, It's about that time, you know the time to lose weight! This isn't really a New Year's resolution. I was asked by my little sister to be a bridesmaid in her wedding back in like October... Well I knew I didn't want to be the fat bridesmaid so I decided to lose weight! I probably should have decided in October, but stuff. lol. So Tish and Brandy are helping me stay on track we are going to reach our goal weights!!!

I want ok need to lose 50 lbs.

I decided to do this in shorter goals. I started out at 236 yes that's my heaviest!!! I almost had a heart attack when it went up that high. but the pounds just kept creeping on! So as of yesterday I was 225.4! 10.6 lbs. down!!!! So by the end of January I would like to lose 7 more pounds to be the size I was when I got pregnant with Jaxxon. Then by the end of March I would like to be 200. Then by the end of May be 185. I have til July 23rd to keep losing but really the beginning of July to make sure my dress and everything fits!

and I pretty much just use my phone for a camera b/c my laptop wont upload pics to blogger for some reason! Maybe I just need all new equipment :)
I'm a little nervous and a lot self conisous to post these. I figure you have all seen me anyway so stuff. I think this will help me be a lot more accountable and motivated b/c I plan on posting updated pics every month!
1/5/2011 225.4 lbs.



Tisha said...

Woo woo! Can't believe we posted these pictures of ourselves. Maybe we will be smokin' hot by swimsuit weather and we can go get new cute swimsuits to take our June 6 pictures in!!! Proud of you!!!!

Ashley said...

Bring on the Cute Swim suits!!!

Lindsay Jay. said...

So proud of you! Keep up the great work! :)

Sarah (Castor) Kamolz said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I'm so excited to watch your progress! I also wanted to let you know that my blog has moved! You can find me at

And again! You can do it! :D Miss you!

Hilary said...

Good luck Ashley! You can do it!! It's great that you and Tisha have each other for encouragement and accountability. Looking forward to seeing your progress!