Friday, February 4, 2011

We are here again...

It's February again and that means it's the time of year that I will never forget and never want to I was blessed with meeting my Jaxx but man I miss him. There's just two many triggers in this month! I've survived almost two years. Even though he is still on the forefront of my mind the pain isn't as intense. Scary yes but I think it's healthy. There's some exciting things we are looking forward to just having to wait on Gods timing and praying it all goes as smooth as it can! Hope to share more when there's a more firm thing to share. No I'm not pregnant but it's still pretty exciting things for us! So just be in prayer that we can just go with it. :)

We have been snowed in for a week and it doesn't look promising for next week either! I'm just so thankful for heat and food!

Just for fun thought I would share a pic of Shanes snow hair :)

That's our porch that didn't have any snow on it when we went to bed and woke up to it covered again!


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