Saturday, March 19, 2011

Houston, we have a porch! :)

For Christmas this year from Brett and Brenda we decided to use Christmas money plus the money from our housewarming party to get a porch for our new house! They started it at thanksgiving and with the cold and crazy scheduled didn't get to work on it till this weekend... I really love it! Having a covered porch will b so nice !

Progress yesterday!

Earlier today!

Almost finished!

Just a different angle. We still have to get the hanging down rail things don't know there proper name. :) and the hand rail for the other side. Grandma Pendergrass will b happy :)

Huck has ran around like mad man today I think at one point he was even on the roof! He's all tuckered out and tired of doing this! :)

Thanks Brett and Brenda for the present and the labor! :) I'm blessed in the in-law department!


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