Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and a real life pirate!

 We had a great Halloween! Jaxxi will never remember it but, Shane and I will! We went downtown Prague to the businesses and then went and walked around a few houses in Paden. She smiled the whole time :)

I have know idea why this is side ways b/c it isn't in my file but whatever turn your head a little! :)

Ringing the door bell!

 here's our cute little duck! Everyone thought she was a chicken but the tag so duck so that's what we are going with ;)

We went to the eye doctor today to get the tubes they put in her tear ducts back in August removed, and I asked him about some concerns I had with her left eye and well here's the end result my own little pirate! She did really well wearing it. She has to wear it for two hours a day for two months. We go back in January and if it hasn't improved like he wants it to I will have a little cutie in glasses:)


Jennifer VBK said...

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I've been reading your blog for a while (yes, I'm one of those quiet readers) and it's about time I said hello. I wanted to let you know that my adopted son, Nate, has to wear a patch as well. He now has glasses, but we did the patch by itself for a while. I'd love to chat with you about it and invite you to a facebook group for moms of little ones with eye issues. Feel free to email me ( or find me through my blog.

Dawn said...

It is plain to see that the costume has a duck bill, not a chicken beak! Her hair is getting so curly!