Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally feeling like fall! and randomness

I think every year I have posted about my love of fall! Seriously whats not to love?!? Well this year I'm doubly excited about it because it's Jaxxi first Halloween! I can not tell you how much this warms my heart! I have dreamed for years to be toting around a cute little bundle to get me and Shane some loot ;)
We have a fun weekend planned and it's all pretty much festive! Jaxxi is going to be a cute little duck and it's finally cooling off, I was worried it would be to hot for her to wear it, but there's a beautiful forecast for the next week!

We go tomorrow for ANOTHER ear check, she has pretty much had an ear infection for the last three months! If it's still infected I'm going to ask about an ENT referral. I'm just so tired of her having to be in pain so much!

On Thursday we have our first court date. The parents changed their minds about relinquishing their rights... So we are at the mercy of the judge and d.@. Everyone involved is still very positive just going to have to wait it out and it will probably be double the length of time it would if they relinquish. They still will have the opportunity to do that, at any point.

Shane is coming home! the weeks that he's gone seems so long, but on Tuesdays nights we are so excited to get to see him!

Also I noticed that I hit 300 post so yay me! lol! I hope everyone has a fun safe holiday weekend and maybe I can get some pics up after the boohaha parade we are going to on Saturday!

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Dawn said...

Happy Fall and enjoy the loot!