Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 months

Well before Jaxxi turns ONE! I thought I better get her 11 month post up :)

  • You started crawling EVERYWHERE!
  • You were 18 pounds 1 once on Jan. 4th
  • You go out of your way to find something nonfood related things to put in your mouth!
  • You got glasses and you are doing great keeping them on! Yay... The first day we were both in tears by the end of the day but patience and consistency paid off!
  • You have been eating your body weight in food. Which I'm thankful for was a little worried about your lack of interest in food.
  • We were told you would have to have tubes in your ears, and surgery to correct both your eyes from going lazy.
  • You finally say Mama but only when your really mad or you really want me!
  • You LOVE mickey mouse club house. and dance every single time to the hot dog dance and yell out with so much excitement. I love love it!
  • You continue to be so happy around people. You are for sure a social butterfly!
  • You do great at restaurants and it makes it so easy to be on the go.
  • But you hate your car seat! You will do a back bend to keep from going in it. :)
  • You can pull up and cruise around the coffee table and your bed.
  • You have finally really started playing with your toys. your favorite seems to be a barn shape sorter. you like to put the blocks in and out and open and close the door.
  • We started with sooner start this month and they are completely amazed with your progress all on your own. You truly changed into a different baby over a two week span of time.
  • You are almost out of your 9 months clothes just b/c the pants are getting to short. So I'm putting you in more and more 12 months clothes.
  • You have started really loving your daddy. You cried for the first time when he left work this week. Made us both really sad.
  • You have a great love for animals your legs started kicking whenever you see the horses, you have really started to interact and play with Huck also.
  • You continue to be sweet, snuggly and oh so cute!

I can not believe we are a 14 days away from her first birthday! Time passes so quickly and I'm trying to cherish and remember every moment. I'm slightly overwhelmed with all the changes that need to happen in the next few months. Like transitioning from formula to milk, eating more solids, taking away the bottle, and Binky. I know it will all happen in her time and that I shouldn't worry so much, but man it seems like a lot.:)

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