Friday, February 10, 2012


And the day has come. You are one year old! I can not believe it! Happy Birthday baby girl! Big party will be next weekend when daddy will be home to celebrate with us!

  • You are 19 lbs. dont know the length b/c we havent had well baby visit.
  • You are down to 3 6oz. bottles a day
  • You love to eat! And you are not very picky
  • Started to drink out of your sippy cup.
  • Say mama really well mostly when your mad or hurt.
  • You are a cuddle bug.
  • You are a daddy's girl
  • You pull up on everything!
  • You still put a everything in your mouth!
  • You still like your binky but we starting to limit use.
  • The last two weeks glasses wearing hasn't been going so well.
  • I think you are testing limits b/c you will see how much you can get away with.
  • You have been sleeping HORRIBLE! I'm hoping this is a short phase b/c it makes for a cranky mommy and baby by 7:30.
  • You attended your first OU womens basket ball game got your picture taken with the mascots! You threw a fit when they left.
  • Moved up to your front facing car seat
  • Have surgery scheduled for tubes. Hope this will make a big differnce in a few areas.
I'm in a little bit of denile that you are already a year old. This year has went by so fast. I'm looking forward to all the things to come! I love you more than I can say!

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