Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This spring the weather has been so bizarre but I'm still glad it's spring time! That means we start back up with Play days! Jaxxi was so excited to get back in the arena!

Daddy helping her run the poles!

Waiting her turn on "Bell"

Miss Madison on her new horse "Run"
It was so cold we mostly just set out in the truck, but it was still fun to resume are Friday night activity.

On Saturday some of my family decided to help out a cause for foster care with a mile walk called "Walk a Mile in my shoes" I think I cried most of the morning to see my family not only support me and Shane in our journey to fostering and adopting, but also see them help kids out in a way that they can! I encourage you if you can't do anything Prayer is so needed in each of these children's lives!

Jaxxi and Madison trying to stay warm before the walk.

The crew :)

Some of the donated suit case!

Sunday we had a lazy day playing outside! Jaxxi tied up her "horse" and was feeding it :)


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Chelsa said...

We should have our foster family license in less than 2 weeks now : ) very nervous/excited about our new journey.

your little girl is gorgeous!