Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are rebels

We went to Branson last week for a family vacation with Shanes parents and my sis and bro in-law and their kiddos. We left our two with my parents b/c they are both to little for silver dollar city which was the main reason we were going. Anyway Shane has been wanting to get Jaxxi's name tattooed on him ever since she was adopted so what better time than vacation. :)

It turned out really good!
Well ever since we lost Jaxxon, we had talked about getting a tattoo to remember him by. Shane got his in December 2009 and well I have just been a chicken about it. And I had to work through if I felt like I wanted something on me FOREVER! Well I finally just bit the bullet. It turned out really good and I think I'm glad I did it. :) He was never far from my mind, but know I can be reminded of what all I've been through and how blessed my life is now.
I got it on my wrist and asked for them to do it as small as they could:)

close up. It literally took just a minute but it hurt really bad :)

Me and Tish have been saying we are going to go together and get a tattoo! Well we finally got our chance :) We all went out to eat before we took the plunge. Honestly I can't believe I didn't chicken out!
She got 26.2 for marathon's she has ran and the two hearts are for each one she has ran. as she runs more she can add hearts to it.

I'm pretty certain that this was my first and last tattoo experience :)

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