Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One of my favorite holiday festivities!!!!

Tonight for my Cubbie group at church I'm doing this really neat thing with them called the pumpkin Gospel. It a hands on way to teach kids that God cleans our yucky sins out. and transforms us into new creations in Christ. It was also a good excuse to get to carve up some Jack O Lanterns!!!!

Tisha Cutting the top off and Bree intently watching!! P.S. the knife that Bree has is especially for kids. Tish has tried and tried to see if it will cut her and it won't didn't want y'all faithful blog readers to think we would let her play with a knife. Nonny would kill us :)

Bree cutting the top off her size pumpkin she did a really good job!

This is no doubt Bree telling me what to do because we all know she already knows everything!

I had to carve two so I got Nane in on the action!

He takes his carving so seriously! He did have his tongue out before I took this pic :)

p.s I forgot to take finished product pics, I was playing with Tisha new wii fit so I was distracted. ne way I thought I would let everyone know the pictures your enjoying are from my wonderful new IPHONE!!!!


Kara said...

great pics from the new phone! can't wait to see the pumpkins tonight!

ps - how is the wii fit? i am putting it on my christmas list!

Sarah said...

Your phone takes great pics! I'm a little jealous... :)

Dawn said...

You and your phone--you're such a bragger! haha. Hope you and the Cubbies had fun! And ya know--I expected that Shane would have his tongue out!

Dawn said...

And did I say I love your new background?

Hilary said...

That was a great lesson with the pumpkins! Looks like you had fun carving them.