Thursday, October 9, 2008

So Glad For the Weekend

I've been super busy. Between taking the cubbies director spot at church, and doing my job and starting the children's librarian job. We have been two people down at work and it's been really chaotic. I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday. Oh, and guess what I have Monday off too. Thank you Columbus for finding America and letting us get a day off in honor of you finding it. Let's all say a quick hip hip hooray for Christopher Columbus! :) I'm headed to Tulsa this weekend for two birthday party's. I'm excited to get to see my family and I'm making my sister take me to the pumpkin patch! Well I hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll try to post pics on Monday... maybe of Shanes Monster Buck!

1 comment:

Kara said...

Have a great weekend I know you need a break! You are doing such a great job at Cubbies...thanks for stepping up!