Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OK so for about a month I have been wanting an iPhone really bad! I was off work on Monday and I talked Tish into wanting one too. We have been on family plan for over a year and it really works best for us and is alot cheaper. ne way now we just had to talk Shane and Scott into it.... a success! so now I have a really awesome phone literally we have not stop playing with them and finding new stuff about them for the last two days. I doubt we'll ever get to do everything it's capable of. So yea I'm excited about phone so what... It's the most exciting in a good way thing that's happened to me all week;) I leave you with a picture of the beauty!!!!!!!


Tisha said...

mines prettier! :)

Kara said...

I have yet to tell Cory...he will be jealous! Glad you guys upgraded, now you just have to figure out how to use all its cool perks!

Dawn said...

I'm jealous. I know it's wrong. Or should I be envious. I'm not sure!