Monday, March 29, 2010

stuff :)

It's been a while since I done an update. I got all my test results back from all my lab work and ultrasound from when I missed my period and everything came back looking normal and great. He just said it was because of PCOS (which I don't feel I have a full blown case...just saying) I'm on Glumetza which helps with insulin that helps with ovulation. So that should get me back on track! I have been on Metformin before which is the brand name for Glumetza and it made me really sick but the best thing about Glumetza is it's coded and I have no bad reaction to it! Praise God!

Where are we on our house? Well we have been just kinda taking our time which is fine but we are both ready to have a little bit more space then our one room home is offering :). Plus we are hoping to meet the first time home buyers credit by April 30Th. No we wont have our house by then but you just have to be in a binding contract and be closed on the deal by June 30Th. We have went back and forth on what to do what can we afford and so on and so on. We have pretty much 100% decided on going a prefab house route. The ups are that it can be built with in six weeks. It's just basically the shell of the house so I still get to pick out the finishing touches. That me and Shane wont get a divorce over figuring out what to do ;). The things I would like to change but can live with for now. The guest bathroom is tiny. Yes, I know I will never be in there, but I still don't want it to be cramped for our guest or future little Allens... There's not a ton of storage space but with only two of us living in a four bedroom house I think we can fill up the extra closets for a while:). I'm not thrilled about having a crawl space either. I know it's a stupid thing to not want, but I just don't. Hearing every footstep. knowing that snakes and other creepy crawlers are probably under my feet creeps me out! yes I'm a nerd but stuff:)

Where are we on Adopting/Fostering? Well we got a packet with a billion forms to fill out last week. My hand was cramping by the time I got half way finished. We have to do fingerprinting and get a physical, then we turn that all in and they schedule a home study from how I understand it. They said they don't know if our house will pass but it's worth a try and it won't hurt us in the long run if doesn't pass the first time. I'm praying that all the paperwork goes smoothly that we get accepted and can move on to the home study part. We were both getting excited just filling out paperwork it's one step closer to hopefully becoming parents. I'm trusting in believing God in every step. Still praying that a child is being prepared for our home either through my womb or another selfless mother who knows she wants a better life for her child, or both ;)!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather...I love walking outside in the mornings and hearing the birds chirping again!

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