Monday, November 29, 2010

Childless at Christmas...

I think one of the hardest parts to get through the holidays as a BLM is bc there is something so magical and wonderful of watching the wonder on children's faces, as they hear that familiar Christmas song, see the Christmas tree lit up for the first time, pulling out sentimental ornaments, and counting down the days on your count down to Christmas calendars.

Going to shop for everyone else's kids on your Christmas list just makes that whole in your heart that much bigger. Makes me want to shop for that 18 to 24 month Christmas outfit that my son should b sporting this holiday season. It's just hard not to feel a little cheated. But I'll make it through this holiday with a smile, I have come accustomed to. Thankful I can enjoy Christmas through someone else's children's eyes...

And hope beyond hope that next year will be our year!


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