Sunday, November 14, 2010

family picture out takes

These are a few of our family pics that weren't so good. enjoy!
this was our attempt of spelling lol! it makes me lol
This is all of us getting in to postion! haha I don't know y Kevin's butt has to go up so high to lay down!!! his butt is by my head.

My ratard sister Kassie was slinging a fishing pole she found around. So enjoy this face :)

Huck is liking Boomer better than the camera.

Some cute butts :)

Mom and her outlaws!

I have no idea what we are laughing about but it must be funny!

this picture is to demostrate Robby's cheesy smile! He's second from the right in back row.

This is Shane's best smile :)

I think Kevin seen a snake!

I think they are thrilled to learn that nana likes her granddogs more! hahaha

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