Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New addition!

On Saturday me and mom went to the Jenks city wide garage sales... We were heading into our last neighborhood when I seen a sign for free puppies! Shane has been wanting a big outside dog so I told mom I just want to look... And well looking led to love :)

This sweet face stole my heart! Shane decided his name is Ruger!

He's going to be huge! He's 8 weeks and 15 lbs!

Meeting his new buddy for the first time!!

Fast friends :) Shane is pretty nuts over him!

Wanted to play!

Shane texted me and told me to look out the window... Huck was asleep on his lap and Ruger was asleep under the table!

Tired after his first day home! :)

Huck is a jealous toot! The only time he will even look at him is if Ruger is trying to get on of Hucks toys:) huck is a snob but we love him to pieces anyway :)


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Chelsa said...

he's soooo cute!!