Friday, April 20, 2012

14 months post 10 days late:)

14 months has brought on so much fun, new things, and stubbornness! :)

  • You had surgery last week and you still weighed 19 lbs.
  • you are wearing mostly 12 months a few 18 month shirts
  • you are barely in a size 3 shoe...Tiny feet!
  • you eat more than your weight in food everyday! you aren't very picky yet but you still aren't crazy about sweets.
  • You are completely off the bottle have been since 13 months.
  • you drink you sippy cup upside down :)
  • you like juice way better than milk.
  • You still take 2 naps most days, sleep mostly threw the night
  • you almost refused to be fed, You want to do it all by yourself!
  • You are into everything, we do not stop till bedtime. You can climb on the tables and think you are so funny!
  • you have learned how to get off of the furniture.
  • New words you say (one, bye-bye, no, hello, night night, yay)
  • You shake your head no
  • You still aren't walking, but taken a few steps, stood up from the ground unassisted, and our letting go of the table for longer periods of time.
  • You need hair to go to sleep, or when your scared. I find that hair is an odd comfort thing but it's what you like so we go with it. :)
  • You have had tubes, and your lazy eyes corrected. You did great for both surgeries!
I'm really loving this stage in that she can communicate with us a little bit more. But last night She was getting in to stuff when I put her to bed and this morning as soon as her feet touched the ground she was already getting into things she's not suppose to! I'm learning a new kind of patience! I know this stage will fly by and I'll be wishing I could go back to these moments soon. So I just try and remember that when I want to rip my hair out b/c she has eaten a piece of dog food for the 3rd time in an hour!!

We had court yesterday and man is it stressful, we are nearing the end of all this hopefully for real this time I thought I was almost there two other times. We have a jury trial coming up so I don't think there's much after that. There some things I'm slightly concerned about so if you can remember us in prayer I would appreciate it!

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