Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Love...

Since Jaxxi was nine months old she expressed an interest in horses. So we have encouraged her by letting her be around them and you seen on previous post we have her in a round up club even though she's only 16 months old. Anyways her first real word is horsey so I think the child is in love. :) My in-laws were looking into buying a pony for the grand kids and I went to pick it up on Sunday. Well while we were there looking at the horse they had picked out. I spotted a cute little horse I couldn't resist. He was so sweet and calm even in the feeding frenzy going on around him. So I decided to get it for Jaxxi. We messed with both ponies all day Sunday and it's amazing what one day of attention will do to help with horses.

Here's Dukes or Duke haven't decided yet. lol!

This is Scoot, He's got some spunk!

Here's sweets on Dukes for the first time!

We were sitting out around Pa's arena that we had been sitting at for two days and I looked up and see this on a tire! I have never seen anyone spell Jaxxon like we do. I think He could have been saying hi:) 

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