Friday, July 6, 2012

Some of the 4th

We had a real low key 4th my Uncle was down from Chicago so mom made some fried chicken and then we headed to Keifer to watch the fireworks. They have a great show every year. Then Jaxxi and I stayed at Kass and Robbys, so Shane could meet us there in the morning. We all headed back to Beggs for a cookout the next evening. We were going to go to the Sapulpa firework show but the kids decided they wanted to have there own show. So we all set out in lawn chairs ate some watermelon and watch money literally blow up! :)

The whole crew at Keifer Fireworks on July 3rd!

We rode horses on July 4th... I haven't been on a horse in years but it was a lot of fun and we had nice little breeze.

This is what Sweets did most of the day. She also figured out that she could lead him around. I told Shane I think we bought an over sized dog! Ha

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