Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jaxxi update

I haven't updated about Jaxxi for a while and since this is where I keep all this stuff I wanted to make sure I get all of this down. Jaxxi started walking at just over 16 months old. We went to OU for orthopedics and she was completely fine for now, we go back in 7 months for more monitoring. she has said two real words, Horsey, and Huckie. She still won't say Mommy and Daddy to either of us, so we know where we rank! ha! She has all of her top teeth I think and now she's working on the bottom ones. I haven't slept much in over a month. Oh well it's worth it, just wished she would start feeling better.

The biggest and best update is that on June 25th exactly 11 months from when she was placed in our home, the birth parents relinquished rights! I was in tears when they told us they wanted us to adopt her and take care of her. I can't explain what a relief it was when that was finally over with! Now we have to wait for a hearing to move her case from the foster care side to the adoption side, and have to make sure the tribe that Jaxxi was born into will let a member from another tribe adopt her. Our worker doesn't think there will be an issue with that, but it is another hurdler on this road. So Hopefully by 2013 she will officially be ours forever and ever!

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Kyra said...

That is a huge blessing. Praying that it goes smoothly and quickly!