Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit...

Even though it's been in the 80's most of December!! It sure makes it hard to get all warm and cozy when you need to use the A/C!! Well we are still getting in the grove anyway!

She rode in the Glenpool Christmas Parade with her Popa!

We did a little holiday shopping and this was what it took to survive target!

We went to look at the lights at Rhema Bible College they were beautiful!

She didn't want to leave this spot because of the ducks!

Getting to look at lights with her Nana and Grandma P! (sorry so blurry from my phone)

Loving on Grandma P! A special moment to capture!

Tomorrow we get to ride in the Beggs Christmas parade with her Round up Club! Hopefully Duke does OK! Then we are going to talk Daddy into taking us to look at more Christmas lights!

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